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How consulting is changing in a world of new ways of working and managing.

Not how to consult – plenty of training available on that – but how consulting is changing as the world changes, as the ways of working and managing change around us.
At Teal Unicorn, we deliver consulting on the new ways, so it is no surprise that we have advanced how we consult over the past few years. New ways of working and managing are changing how we consult to clients and how they expect us to engage. It’s exciting, refreshing, and better for everyone: better results, better lives, better society.
We felt it was time to share those ideas

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Is consulting becoming a struggle to find the right value proposition for clients? Do they seem to want something different? Do you need new ways to work as a consultant?

Are you and/or your clients and prospects having a rough time right now?  Old ways not working?

Do you want to be a leading thought provider rather than a lagging provider of generally accepted practice?

Do you want to find ways that actually make work better? Better results, better lives, better society.

This course looks at how to modify the concepts you deliver and how to modify your approach to consulting work, to survive and thrive in the 2020s. (It’s also a useful insight for those who hire consultants.)

Our consulting clients are changing how they think and work (or if you are a client, you are seeing the change in consultant engagement).  The needs and expectations are different, and we have been changing our consulting to match.  We work in new ways as consultants: new methods,  new targets, new ideas.

We are not talking here about Agile and agility, although that was an early indicator.  This is about:

  • humane diverse autonomous collaborative work
  • transparent antifragile complex networked systems
  • open invitational transformational leadership
  • Beta servant management

New Ways Of Managing is a book! The agile Manager, New Ways of Managing . Yes, small “a”.

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and others.

Which is just in time to help us adapt to a wildly VUCA world. It’s a new game:

  • Multiple concurrent crises: pandemic, recession, political turmoil, climate…
  • Even when that all passes, there is no “going back to normal”. VUCA is a permanent condition.
  • A wave of social change is rolling. Friedmanism is toppled. Society demands values over value.

This is unprecedented. What got you here won’t get you there. How will you change to help them change?

Sign up now. Each course is 5 sessions of 3 hours spread over 4 weeks.

Online *live* 5 Wednesdays 1800 UTC 2021 February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3 Enrol here


This course will benefit anybody working in a consultative role on how to manage and/or work, on any kind of work in any type of organisation, to allow you to better understand and meet your clients’ needs and expectations in our rapidly changing societies, and how to do consulting differently to adapt. The course is also useful for anyone engaging consultants, to understand how you can adjust your expectations and requirements of them.


This *live interactive* online course is a mix of high level principles and our practical experiences at Teal Unicorn. Honouring the new ways, the course itself experiments, exploring the online training space to find better ways of learning.

Strictly speaking, many of the “new” ideas about work aren’t new – some date back a century – but there is undoubtedly a new wave of thinking changing how we work and live in the 21st Century, across the domains of humanity, complexity, and agility, and accelerated by the current world crisis.  It changed – and is still changing – how we consult at Teal Unicorn.  We want to share what we have learned.

You will gain:

  • new ideas about work or management.
  • better understanding of what you believe and how you work.
  • opportunities to challenge and improve your own approaches to consulting.
  • more perspectives on what is happening to our work.
  • more connections to assist you.

We will consider:

  • the nature of consulting and what constitutes good consulting.
  • the new society emerging, the new ways of working and managing, and the challenges they present to consulting.
  • how we respond: better ways of consulting arising from the new thinking.
  • tips and techniques that Teal Unicorn have learned.
  • how to improve ourselves and our clients.
  • where the networks and the knowledge are.

Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu are Teal Unicorn. We work with management to make work better; better results, better lives, better society. Teal Unicorn have 15 years’ management consulting experience each. Dr Vu works in Vietnamese in Vietnam with a range of CEOs and senior managers, and Rob works in English in New Zealand with CIOs and IT management. Both of us use the same principles and approaches, and together we wrote a book The Agile Manager (small “a”) which gets consistent five-star reviews.  We have pivoted often, learned hard, and kept on the front of the waves, and all the way we have been thinking hard about where next for consulting. 

Feedback on this course

  • one of the best courses of my entire professional career. If you’re a sole practitioner or leading a small consultancy I guarantee this will be the best investment you’ve made in you a very long time. Brett Roberts
  • Highly recommended. James Gander
  • Fun, interactive, few slides, lots of challenge, even more community! You need to learn from Rob England and Dr. Cherry Vu. Daniel Breston
  • It was unlike any other course I have been on… in a good way… I now have a…group of new and clever friends I can lean on… I recommend you join the next one .  Michelle Major-Goldsmith
  • As someone new to consulting, and trying to find out what it really is and how to break in, this was an excellent opener. Well laid out, focused on the important stuff, and the group was very warm and welcoming. Highly recommended.
  • I’ve learned that is much more to be optimistic about in how we are creating organizations and work that is fit for humans than I’d previously realized. Most of the things we love about work make us more productive, and there are wonderful leaders doing work that will energize you and give you hope. Most of the things we hate about work increase risk and reduce velocity and value, and need to be set aside. Unless you’re already deeply familiar with new ways of managing, Mr. England and Dr. Vu will elucidate a huge amount of new material that will help you recharge your batteries and give you a large set of new ideas to try out. Well worth your time!

The course

The course runs every WEEK for FOUR weeks, i.e. FIVE sessions (last one at the end)

Full price is US$480.

We run the course live at a fixed time, and make a recording available for those who can’t make that time.

Each course will proceed if three people enrol, or we will refund/credit your fee. Make sure by bringing two friends or colleagues!

All attendees also become a Friend of Teal, join our discussion group on LinkedIn, and get a copy of our book “The agile Manager (small a)” 

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Each course is 5 sessions spread over 4 weeks.

Online *live* 5 Wednesdays 1800 UTC 2021 February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3 Enrol here