Make The MOST™ is a sales tool for opportunity selling.
Chasing too many opportunities?
Run ragged? Or flogging one opportunity long after its dead? Had one vanish on you just when you thought it was in the bag? Need resource to help you close one but can’t convince the boss? Sales staff talking up their portfolio and no way to assess it objectively?
If each one of your sales is a campaign, that is if it takes time and effort to make it happen, then this method is for you. If the sales come to you (e.g. in a shop) or each sale happens in one event (e.g telephone selling) then MTM is not for you. If your sales are at the other extreme, if you have a small number of accounts with whom you maintain a relationship and make a series of deals, then MTM is useful as one part of your preferred account management system – MTM will help you to run those deals but it won’t do the whole account management for you.
If you are selling, MTM looks at each opportunity in your portfolio and assesses it hard, realistically, pragmatically. It compares each deal to others. By looking at a dashboard across all your opportunities you can make the hard calls about where to put your efforts, and where to qualify out. By focusing on the most winnable deals you will lift your success rate and reduce your cost of sale – when you do need resource you’ll have no trouble getting it. So you can Make the MOST. If you are a sales manager, you’ll have worked out by now that such a tool is equally as useful to you as to an individual salesperson. You can assess each of your team’s book of business. And you can assess your own portfolio across the whole team. Make The MOST of your sales team.

At the heart of MTM is a dashboard and analysis tool for your opportunities (v 9). It uses MS-Excel. No software to buy and install. And it is free. There is a Make The MOST User Guide (v 9) on how it works and how to use it, also free.

 Download them both, and see how simple and effective it is to analyse and improve your opportunity sales portfolio.

Then you can:

ask us about a facilitated MtM workshop and MtM training for your organisation

ask us about customisation of the spreadsheet for you

Because the tool is free, we don’t generally provide any support, sorry.