Who we are
Dr Cherry Vu and Rob England are Teal Unicorn.
What we believe
Humanity at work.
Think in systems.
Deal with complexity.
What we wrote
The agile Manager (small"a"), a book about new ways of managing.
Where we focus
we centre on New Ways of Management to support the new ways of working
What we know
New ways of managing and working: business agility, open leadership, empowered work.
What we do
Consult, coach, train, create content. Across the enterprise (at all levels), and within Information Technology ("new ways of managing IT").
How we work
We work in new ways (of course): iterative, incremental, experimental, exploring success with you.
What we've done
Served large and small at all levels across many industries in multiple countries, to lift performance and improve the culture.
What we don't do
We don't work like conventional large consultancies.
Where we work
We consult in NZ and VN.
We train anywhere in Asia/Pac.
And our coaching and content is global, online.
When to engage us
When you want to advance to new ways of managing, or you need the new ways of working to succeed
What about IT?
In NZ, Rob specialises in IT management, strategy, and flow. Find him at our Two Hills website

Our Clients

Meet some of our tribe
The best reference is when customers re-engage us. Almost all of them do, many times.
Learn more about our tribe of customers here, or click the profiles below to get their stories.
Learn about how:
  • Production output in 2020 increased by 90% compared to 2019 with the same number of employees. Factory income in 2020 increased 84% compared to 2019. Revenue in 2020 grew 115% compared to 2019. Profits in 2020 grew by 320% compared to 2019.
  • Increase bank branch sales performance by 158% in 10 weeks. Annual quota achieved in 10 weeks. Top performing bank branch.
  • Equipment sales increased by 5 times over 5 months.
  • Highest revenue month (October 2020) is 4.49 times higher than the previous highest revenue month (March 2020).
  • In 2020 in the middle of Covid highest revenue month ever.
  • Productivity up 68% over 5 months.
  • In April at the peak of Covid-19 we sold 14,000 units while normally only 7,000 units per month.
  • Four staff are selling as much real estate as 45 used to.

Our Services

How we help
We offer four primary services: consulting, training, coaching, and content.
We only charge when we are delivering: we work by the hour remotely and by the day onsite.

Consulting and advice
Consulting and advice

We can help:
develop leadership, helping managers and executives understand the advanced ways of managing, including servant management and Agile principles

introduce new ways of working and managing: coaching management and staff to empowerment, collaboration, agility, and flow

build culture, through attention to leadership, flourishing, space, empowerment, community and communications

Training and workshops
Training and workshops

Authentic, powerful, useful: our popular and successful training in new ways of work and management challenges conventional beliefs and practices of the workplace, to open you up to greater workplace agility and humanity.

We provide our own training that is a blend of lectures, workshops, activities, games, and simulations, to provide a rich learning experience for students.


In addition to general consulting, Teal Unicorn provides practical, tactical management coaching to get results with the new advanced ways of managing.

If you have a manager finding their way as the organisation advances, or are yourself still unpacking what it means, Teal Unicorn will provide reflection, advice, insight, and principles.


We provide written content, presentations, and discussions.

When you source content from us, you get a freshness of viewpoint, an independence of opinion, and an originality of ideas that you won't find in many other providers of business content. Our material is unique. If desired, it is also provocative and quirky.

Measure us on three things: the results we have had with clients, the number of clients who engage us more than once (almost all of them), and the contribution we make to your own results.


What our customers say

Want us to work with you? No matter where you are in the world, contact us, we'd love to explore how we can add value for you.
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We make work better: better results for your organisation; better working lives for your people; and better social influences.   Contact us to discuss how we can make work better for you.