CareHome patience doing the right things for the right results

We are glad that, with Teal Unicorn’s help,  CareHome home maintenance company has gone from a bulky management firm to a compact, agile one; from a place of constant loss, and insufficient compensation, to a profitable one; from unhappy people to happier employees and customers. The two owners Đào Hồng Hà
and Quách Văn Giang have changed their management ways, from micro-management to open management.
We want to share with you their story:

I would like to share the results of 6 months after applying Open Management:
1. Staff levels are lean and appropriate, after two tech and two customer service staff left.
2. Technical capacity has increased in terms of skills and sales skills. Actively working alone and selling Japanese laundry bags.
3. Focusing on human resources for value-creating work flows, specifically product maintenance services according to customer needs over time (washing machine); stopping cooperation with a large firm due to inefficiency and failure to align to the common values ​​of Carehome.
4. The management team spent some time to improve the work.
5. Actively approach sources to attract customers: through personal Facebook channels, ask for feedback, and advertise.
6. Hà’s capability to manage in agile ways is improving so fast. She writes every day about it, it comes as naturally as breathing. She participates in attracting the community to sell Terra laundry bags;  and makes connections to attract the business community to review.
7. Giang’s management capacity has also increased, creating opportunities and environment for the management team to develop; joining Ha in a supportive community of kind living, reading about culture, waiting to be ready to set up an Open Management business club.
8. Willing to test new products on a small scale to find higher value products.
There are still some things that need further adjustment, such as improving the Shu Ha Ri evaluation system, and creating conditions for staff to develop stronger capabilities. We are still patient with ourselves and with our colleagues to continue to improve management, be more agile, and happy with it.
Revenue in January and February will be 1.5 to 2 times higher than in 2022.

When learning a new idea, the first reaction will always be exploration, anxiety, and unwillingness to open up:
❤️ Feelings after the first Agile Management session with the CareHome team:
“The feeling of everything in CareHome: salary and bonus regimes, from KPIs, performance, prudence, fear of mistakes, conditional helplessness…
The company is lacking in improvement, lacking in spending time on it, or so to speak sharpening the ax…
Seeing the impression of awareness: what I know is too little, so why should I study more and study forever…
One day, suddenly seeing the question “why am I doing this” so impressive, perhaps you will have to ask more why questions before doing this…
Feeling scared about the future when I’m just doing what I’ve always done without trying to change.
The world and life are always changing, I myself need to change to adapt better.
Kanban is a very impressive tool and looking forward to adopting it soon…”

Agile management is really a new concept for most people. When learning to manage agilely, CareHome is also a little worried, but all of them are excited and eager to receive further learning, perhaps that is the happiest thing for those who want to be taken care of. Agile management about CareHome
❤ Really have to say thank you first to the experts in the QLLH (“The agile Manager”) practice group who gave Ha and Giang a lot of advice with the first steps: Hoang Tuan Anh, Huynh Thuy Hang, Hoa Dao … [It is really a delight when we see the Teal Tribe helping and supporting each other] And certainly can’t help but mention the extremely important character that is Cherry Vu who ran the earliest class to enlighten us. I know the road is long and there’s still a lot of work to do, but without your support, the first favorable support, everything would still be going round and around.

P/s: Photo of a meeting of CareHome team with many questions clearly visible on our faces, probably “what do the bosses want?” 😂🤣
It is true that when it is necessary to hear what you need to hear, it is not easy to adjust, because perhaps it is appropriate to think “is it crazy?”, not even knowing what to write because of helplessness. It’s also very easy for my CareHome colleagues to understand, that after reading the book and then starting to learn QLLH, I found that I made a terrible mistake 🙃