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“How to do IT in the 21st Century”

The basic principles that Teal Unicorn works with, the better ways of managing and working, apply anywhere within an organisation, including within Information Technology (IT). Likewise, the globally improving methods that we identified around these better ways, which we call Open Work and Open Management, can be applied to IT. We call that Open IT, of course.

In 2023, we launched a project to bring Teal Unicorn’s successful Open concepts to the Information Technology context. At Teal Unicorn, we have used our version of Open Work and Open Management to make work better for many organisations, large and small: better results, better lives, better society.  The numbers are spectacular. We wrote 5-star books. We got on TV. Clients make videos about us. People laugh and cry. We all have a good time. We’ve made lifelong friends. This stuff works. We are passionate about sharing it.