Teal Unicorn provides Consulting on Enterprise Agility and especially advanced management: advance towards new ways of working and managing.

We can help:

  • develop leadership, helping managers and executives understand the advanced ways of managing, including servant management and Agile principles
  • introduce new ways of working and managing to an enterprise: coaching management and staff to empowerment, collaboration, agility, and flow
  • build culture, through attention to leadership, flourishing, space, empowerment, community and communications

We provide real consulting: we charge for the hours we work and we work only when we are providing useful service to you, which is generally high level advice and planning (though we are also happy to roll our sleeves up and get things done for you too). We tend to steer away from 5-days-a-week contracting except when you need an operational role created or temporarily filled.

Our sweet spot is strategic advice to executives, but we get involved at all levels from the boardroom to the factory floor: “from carpet to concrete”.

Our primary consultants are Rob England and Dr. Vu, and we can bring in a number of experienced experts to help.

We work for a wide range of organisations: local government, national government, businesses, not-for-profits. We have been engaged by some of the largest and smallest organisations in New Zealand and Vietnam.

Teal Unicorn is a trading name/brand for Two Hills Ltd. In addition to Consulting on Better Ways of Managing and Working, Human Systems Adaptability, and Enterprise Agility as Teal Unicorn, Two Hills also provides other specialised consulting (see our website).

How we consult

We work with you incrementally, experimenting and exploring to find what works for you to maximise results and improvement. We facilitate you finding the answers from those who know: the ones doing the work. We add experienced advice, theoretical guidance, and enlightening training. And have some fun.
As long as we are adding value that well exceeds our fees, and you continue to engage us, we work with you. We deliver results or we stop.
We deliver value in four ways:
• We teach, advise, coach and consult to create awareness and understanding of New Ways of Managing and Working, to “prime” the system.
• We help set up a management model to govern and manage the work system in new ways; and an “Improvement Machine”, a core team to drive continual improvement to advance the system.
• We foster an experiment programme to grow new ways, to explore the system.
• We help hack the org to accelerate advancement to new ways, to free the system.
We work with management and the work systems, to unlock advancement and achieve early proof points, while setting you up to carry on. Our goal is to transfer capability and render ourselves obsolete.