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For our Vietnamese friends: Ngoài ra còn có một blog của Cherry bằng tiếng Việt. Nếu bạn chuyển ngôn ngữ sang tiếng Việt, bạn sẽ tự động lấy nó.

We don’t know what unicorns think about (probably rainbows, glitter, and Frozen) but this Teal Unicorn spends a lot of time thinking about better Ways of Managing and Working, Human Systems Adaptability, and being an agile Manager (small “a”). We wrote several books. This was the first:

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We will blog here to capture our thoughts. This blog functions as an archive for stuff we write elsewhere: on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and documents for clients. Here are some blog directories:

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  • VUCA vs BANI

    I don’t like the acronym BANI: here’s why.

  • Please provide feedback

    have a mad number of book projects on the go and planned. We love writing.

    Our books mostly get five-star reviews. So either we are doing it right, or those who read our books are very kind and polite.

    If you have read any of our books, please take a moment to give serious feedback, to either boost our energy or give us opportunities for improvement. Because there are more coming!

  • updated Eisenhower

    You may have heard of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

    It is a valuable survival heuristic in a conventional management hierarchy, but it’s not where we want to take management in the 21st Century.

  • be careful with Lean

    We love Lean. Especially VSM. And also shining a light on overburden. And of course eliminating waste, especially bureaucracy.

    Yet there are several weaknesses or risks:

  • Teal Tribe meetup

    The Myst is one of the great modern architectural highlights of SaiGon, the decor is amazing. There were three architecture students here studying it while we met up with our Teal Tribe: followers, supporters, clients, and friends of Teal Unicorn. The cafe here is our regular meeting place.

  • BIC Construction

    Coming soon…
  • Golden Communications Group

    Teal Unicorn are working closely with Golden Communications Group, a Saigon group of five media and communications companies, celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2023. See: The power of the one-day hack
  • The power of the one-day hack

    We have a new client in Vietnam who have had some training and coaching, read the books, and now needed a demonstration of what Teal Unicorn can do.

  • Two new books! And more to come…

    We are on a roll getting books finished, even while we are super busy working in Vietnam with several clients.  We have published TWO new books in recent weeks:

  • Best practice mediocrity

    It’s funny, but the false assumption is of course that everyone is doing best practice. Few are, whatever the set of practices.