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We don’t know what unicorns think about (probably rainbows, glitter, and Frozen) but this Teal Unicorn spends a lot of time thinking about better Ways of Managing and Working, Human Systems Adaptability, and being an agile Manager (small “a”). We wrote several books. This was the first:

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  • Team or tribe?

    It depends on the work. Sometimes people have to really be tight like a rock band, sometimes more freelance like the horns in an orchestra.

  • Leaders talk last

    When the expectation and authority to speak is proportional to someone’s position in the power hierarchy, everybody loses.

  • Self-regulating IT

    It’s not all up to government to regulate the tech sector.
    It’s up to us in tech as well.

  • Trapped in the 20th Century

    This article is interesting “Beware the Pitfalls of Agility”. Not because I agree with it – I don’t – but for what it reveals.

  • The BigC model

    I’ve seen the full range of individuals in the Big Consultancies. E.g. Deloitte do some lovely work in Wellington.

    That doesn’t change the problem with the fundamental model of every BigC:

  • Fixing Agile

    I don’t think Agile software development will ever be “fixed”. It is what it is, it’s in wild, distributed across millions of people in a  hundred countries.

    Just as Agile swept the IT world, and then the business world, something else will come along to displace it. There will be a seminal event, a core group, and a new concept that doesn’t just capture but also ignites the zeitgeist.

  • Simplification

    It is tempting to want to simplify systems of work. It is also risky and costly.

  • Dealing with bullying

    This is a useful resource for one of the primary issues when creating a psychologically safe workplace: bullying.

    The only thing I’d change is the messaging

  • Meaningless commitments

    We must stop holding people to commitments and measuring them on meeting them.

  • Two sides to ChatGPT

    There are two interesting aspects of #chatgpt that seem to be conflated in many discussions. (Guilty).  One is a clever party trick,  one may be something more.