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For our Vietnamese friends: Ngoài ra còn có một blog của Cherry bằng tiếng Việt. Nếu bạn chuyển ngôn ngữ sang tiếng Việt, bạn sẽ tự động lấy nó.

We don’t know what unicorns think about (probably rainbows, glitter, and Frozen) but this Teal Unicorn spends a lot of time thinking about New Ways of Managing and Working, Human Systems Agility, and being an agile Manager (small “a”). We wrote a book. Click the image to learn more.

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We will blog here to capture our thoughts. This blog functions as an archive for stuff we write elsewhere: on LinkedIn, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and documents for clients.

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Setting WIP limits

Reading Time: < 1 minuteReduce WIP (Work In Progress). The only condition under which further limiting WIP will not increase throughput is where WIP is currently below the optimal capacity of the team. I dont think I’ve ever seen that in the real world.

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Hooray for human error

Reading Time: < 1 minuteHuman error is usually one or more of the at least three factors which cause a system failure.
Human error is inevitable, therefore we must design systems to be preemptive and resilient to human error: prevent it and survive it. If we don’t, it’s a fragile system.

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Mutual benefit

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Relationships are wonderfully beneficial when they are free, or somehow independently funded (E.g. we both work for the same employer). As soon as a relationship has to be paid for, people revert to a reciprocal expectation of value: will I gain more than I pay?

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