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When Cherry and Rob collaborate to bring new ways of working and managing, our services are provided under the Teal Unicorn™ brand.

It is about new ways of management to make work better: better results, better lives, better society.

Use us for Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Content. Pay for the hours we work: we work only when we are providing useful service to you, which is generally high level advice and planning (though we are also happy to roll our sleeves up and get things done for you too). We tend to steer away from 5-days-a-week contracting except when you need an operational role created or temporarily filled.

You can be anywhere across the enterprise (from frontline to “C-level”), and we also specialise deeper within Information Technology (still based on “new ways of managing IT“).

Of course we consult using the new ways ourselves.

We operate in New Zealand, Vietnam, all over Asia/Pacific, and online around the world.

When to engage us:

Many organisations try to be agile, change culture, restructure teams, or “do” Agile, but only a minority succeed. We help success happen.

It would be great to meet you before it is a remedial situation, but it is a natural cycle for people to try, and struggle, and then seek help.

Let’s work with management and the work systems, to unlock advancement and achieve early proof points, while setting you up to carry on.

We have great success if we have executive commitment, or we get a lot of good results with grassroots support.

Our services:

Management coaching Remote (some onsite), per hour Monthly invoice
Evangelising and introducing new ways of working and managing Up to 2 hours No charge (local only)
Management consulting Onsite per week, day, or hour * Monthly invoice
Training courses and simulations Per student per day Invoice on completion
Seminars and workshops Per half day Invoice on completion
Presentations Per day Invoice on completion
Content writing Per 500 words Invoice on acceptance

* Our consulting engagements are typically 2-6 months duration, capped at 40 hours a month, and on a month’s notice. We work iteratively and incrementally, so we are confident we will add value each month.