We call the community that gathers around Teal Unicorn our “Teal Tribe”.

These are our followers, our connections, our colleagues, our customers, and most of all our life-long friends through work. We connect through our mailing list, our social media presence, and this website.

We have trained thousands of people in Better Ways of Managing and Working, and built a community of thousands on social media. We founded the Business Agility Institute Meetup in two countries, the Open Management Institute, and a large Vietnamese Facebook group. We stay close to this community, through a newsletter, webinars, social media interaction, and occasional real-world courses or alumni events.

Or just plain old catching up (usually with a book in the picture)…

At the core of this community, we have a passionate group of satisfied customers. The best reference is when customers re-engage us. Almost all of them do, often multiple times.

We have consulted with, coached, and advised executives in clothing manufacture, furniture manufacture, engineering, telco, utility, government, banking, health, clothing retail, watch retail, logistics, real estate, materials supply, child care, education, tea houses, and more. 



Here are some testimonials from Vietnam, in English:



You can read some of their stories here.