Our great results

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Teal Unicorn get some amazing results with our clients. Check these out.  What’s hidden here is that we don’t have bad results (so far, touch wood).  This isn’t selective, its representative.


Clothing production output in 2020 increased by 90% compared to 2019 with the same number of employees, and through COVID. Revenue grew by 115%. Profits up 320%.

Increase bank branch sales performance by 158% in 10 weeks in 2021. Annual quota achieved in those 10 weeks. Top performing bank branch

Equipment sales increased by 5 times over 5 months in 2020. In profit at last.

Fashion sales: highest revenue month (October 2020) is 4.49 times higher than the previous highest revenue month (March 2020). In 2020 in the middle of COVID we had our highest revenue month ever.

Lingerie manufacture: a week after changing, the productivity increased to 150% and all inventory in the quality department was resolved within 2 weeks.
in April 2020 at the peak of Covid-19 we sold 14,000 units while normally only 7,000 units per month. 

In 2021, four staff are selling as much real estate as 45 used to in 2019.