Our great results

Teal Unicorn’s clients get some amazing results with our help. Here we summarise some highlights. What’s not shown here is that we don’t have bad results (so far, touch wood).  We talk about how here.

Our motto is “Make work better: better results, better lives, better society”.



Better results

These are just a representative sample of over 20 organisations.  All our clients have similar success.

Clothing production output increased by 90% in 2020, compared to 2019 with the same number of employees, and through COVID. Revenue grew by 115%. Profits up 320%.

Bank branch sales grew by 158% in 10 weeks in 2021. Annual quota achieved in those 10 weeks. Top performing bank branch.

Equipment increased sales by 5 times over 5 months in 2020. In profit at last.

Fashion sales: highest revenue month (October 2020) is 4.49 times higher than the previous highest revenue month (March 2020). In 2020 in the middle of COVID they had their highest revenue month ever.

Lingerie manufacturer: a week after changing, the productivity increased by 50%.

In 2021, 4 staff are selling as much real estate as 45 used to in 2019.

Courier company grew 52% new customers and 22% revenue in a week of new ways of working.

Finance company grew Credit growth: 11.97%  in first 6 months. Total assets: US$1.5 billion compared to US$1.36 billion in 2021, up 10%.

Better lives

Some quotes from our clients:

When I changed, things were very different. I empowered people more, got out of many jobs, let them make their own decisions. I can do more valuable things. Now I am not as busy as before – I have more time for myself and much more serenity.

Thank you Cherry for leading me to change and in a miraculous way. Even though I only did 30% of the things I have learned, I was able to acknowledge and treat my team in a more humane and human way. Together, we have again achieved many memorable numbers of old in this year of COVID epidemic. But what is more worthy of respect for me is the love of trust and happiness of everyone when coming to work, so that every day we want to work better than yesterday.

we have built LOC into a family where everyone feels they belong, where managers have learned how to be gardeners, where they look after and grow staff every day so they are constantly striving for the best quality and service

opened up a whole new perspective for me on operating a business. The new ways of working help me break free from the “busy trap” and recall what motivated me to embark on my business journey… we have become better versions of ourselves, happy with all the progress we make and value we create each day.

The more comfortable and confident staff can propose to make the work more creative, efficient, and more customer focused. They shared that they were satisfied with the results and wanted to contribute more to Lamluy. You are very creative in your work when you have the autonomy to decide how to do it. Team increasingly connects and loves and helps each other.

each member of the organization can live truly “whole”. They are improving themselves continuously.

Previously, I worked up to 12 hours / day, but in recent months, I only work 1-2 hours / day. Sometimes I have to remember to call and ask the staff if they need any assistance. .. I’m incredibly happy because the staff took my job away.

Often, from one employee to the other, employees call out “oaaaa, first order 20 items” / “ha ha … 50 items” / “OMG, 100 items …” Just cheering voices all over. A young staffer was busy packing the orders while exclaiming gleefully, “My hands are so happy packing” … You may be surprised that my staff do not even get commission from the sales because I pay a big salary instead. I motivate them by giving things which have more value than money

If I had continued following the mindset of being the boss, only interested in numbers, exhausting people to achieve goals, and indifferent to the spiritual life of subordinates, or in other words motivating them with my own pressure, I believe I wouldn’t have been able to last until today.

Everyone comes here as a family where they feel belonging, trusted, respected, loved, and sharing. Always filled with laughter at work, at least they are happy 8 hours / day. When I fell into such a happy paradise, I was dosed with dopamine every day – a formidable contagious hormone of happiness. In my organisation there was an employee who had a negative view of everything, she always wanted more money because she was poor. She has transformed into a sharing, caring person now. I was deeply moved when she used her own salary to buy diapers, toys, and food for other employees. 

People in the company are more creative, always looking for ways to improve their work, to help each other, the more experienced ones help the newcomers, the better sales people cooperate with the less successful members. They often tell their friends about the company and how we operate, and everyone likes it.

I feel that I am also improving day by day and reaping positivity, joy, and convenience in life as well as in work. .. the people who benefit the most are my employees.

Changed a lot in a positive direction, namely feeling happier and more comfortable with everyone, especially my family. Having more time to care about family instead of spending more time thinking about work to achieving targets, now only practice the skills of asking questions, asking questions, and motivating staff.
Have more time for personal and professional growth relationships.

I was confused at that time, struggling to find a new management method suitable for the department I was in charge of and the pressure was great to meet the business target. [After coaching and training] I suddenly broke down as if I had found a new horizon, my heart was full of determination to work, I felt like I was relieved of many burdens.  And unexpectedly, I received a very useful knowledge for my small family… We participate in such a way as to “untangle the heart”.

I have changed a lot, my family and employees all realise this. When I apply new thinking and management methods, people are happier to work, more self-organised. Last June, I did the quarter-end report, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the number, but the staff did it all, I didn’t do anything.

I totally get Teal Unicorn’s open management thinking that focuses on people. When people are respected and trusted, they produce good results without having to do anything terrible. Our results prove it. 

rob and cherry embrace

Better society

It is hard to detect, let alone measure, what impact our work may have had on society, in Vietnam or globally,  We do our best to contribute where we can. We hope that when we exhort clients to be better people, some of that spreads out into the community, in the behaviour of the organisation, of the individuals, and their families.



It is exciting when you have a significant role to play in the annual celebration video of a large corporation, and we did.

Another client loved Cherry so much, they made her a birthday video.

We have been treated to several luxury weekends away.

And lots and lots of gifts and flowers…