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We provide our own training that is a blend of lectures, workshops, activities, games, and simulations, to provide a rich learning experience for students. The training is effective and the results are good.
We occasionally run public courses in Wellington, NZ and online, and across Vietnam and online (in Vietnamese); and we run courses on site on demand for you (Ask us).  

It’s a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. What got you here won’t get you there. Get your head around new ways of thinking, working, managing… and training.

On this page, you can find out

About us

Who it is for

Success and feedback

How we train

Simulation games

Our training is different

Value add

About us

Authentic, powerful, useful: our popular and successful training in new ways of work and management challenges conventional beliefs and practices of the workplace, to open you up to greater workplace agility and humanity.

Training and facilitation is by Teal Unicorn: we are a pair of experienced consultants working in two countries to advance organisational agility: Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu. We are a couple. We bring our own humanity, authenticity, and vulnerability to the training. Don’t expect formality.

Teal Unicorn has delivered dozens of New Ways training courses in Vietnam since July 2018, both in-house and public, with great feedback. Actually, Dr Vu delivers them and Rob makes the projector work and worries too much about the timing. We have had great success, with consistently positive feedback. We change work lives and even private lives, because the new ways of working and managing are about culture, beliefs, humanity, failure, uncertainty, empowerment, and openness. At the urging of the students, Dr Vu even created an “Agile Family” course to talk about the cultural impact on traditional Vietnamese families, which has been shared with many hundreds of people, predominantly women. Cherry used to teach senior Vietnamese government officials about management and ethics, as well as having accounting and law degrees and a PhD in public policy, and experience founding and running three companies with up to 200 employees – so she is a powerhouse instructor.

In New Zealand, Rob leads the training, and we get less personal (as suits the Kiwi culture). Nevertheless this training unpacks a renaissance in work thinking, a challenging paradigm shift in how we think about work and management. Teal Unicorn’s specialty is advancing management, as we believe that management is the key to unlock the overall advance in work and culture. Rob has been training since 1986, mostly in IT until now, with a focus on new ways of working and managing there. He’s a recognised speaker and thought-leader internationally and locally in NZ. The consistently enthusiastic response and quick results from our training and consulting in Vietnam has convinced us to bring this programme to New Zealand.

Who it is for

The training is useful for anyone working or managing anywhere. None of this is about IT, although it works there – the new ways are suited to all forms of knowledge work. Our target is management, and our best results come when we can train from the CEO up. (See what we did there? Flip the hierarchy.)

Bring a team!
  • Build common understanding, language and vision
  • Play team-building games
  • Bring your own case study – solve a problem
  • Do custom exercises
  • Get coaching from the instructor
If you are attending as a team, notify us in advance to fill in a team-building worksheet.

Success and feedback

We have had great success in Vietnam, where Dr Vu rocks the house (in native Vietnamese) with a range of training courses loosely grouped as “agile Enterprise”. We are growing a passionate tribe of agile managers who get it and apply it, and report wonderful results. Of course there is no magic: we have our ups and downs, especially the J-curve when getting started. But from tea houses to clothing factories, from engineering to real estate, our CEO and manager students are getting better results with new ways of managing.

  • “I can’t describe it clearly, but after coming home from your training, I look at things clearer, more excited, more confident and that inspires others. Then change happens every day. I go on making small changes and people continue to follow, I don’t need to urge them.”
  • “Your method is easy to understand and I can apply it immediately after the training. I got the outcomes immediately.”
  • “I see the urge to learn to grow my consciousness.”
  • “Thank you Cherry and Rob for giving me more confidence about happiness … I have tried and always believed in happiness but in 3 years, I have failed many times. Now I have more faith with the true desire of my journey”
  • “I believe and hope you can bring new change, new life, and happiness for more people.”
  • “New approaches, new thinking in management. The same problem can be dealt with with new solutions, learned new thinking to apply in firms and life as well.”
  • “Agile in the way the course was conducted. Inspirational”
  • “Feel I’m loving people more.”

Far out. This is feedback on management training not motivational speaking.

How we train

The new ways of thinking influence our ways of training. We are no experts in adult education, although both of us have some formal education in it and many years of experience. Dr Vu lectured on public policy and ethics to senior civil servants at The National Academy of Public Administration in Hanoi. Rob has been training in IT regularly since 1986, writing courses and developing simulations. Our training has changed a lot in recent years as we immerse in the new culture:

  • The courses and simulations are themselves agile: we constantly iterate, improving them every time, experimenting with new ideas, and exploring new topics.
  • We invite students to self-organise: the layout of the room, the content, which courses we run, study to do, experiments they try…
  • We are learning to train from the back of the room and introducing the concepts.
  • We support students with ongoing coaching and consultation, online and onsite.
  • We don’t lock in to certifications, which ossifies the content. We provide an attendance certificate.
  • We try to be different, to break the mold of corporate training. In particular we veer away from airless featureless rooms into more creative spaces like co-working, showrooms, conference venues, wedding venues, and even primary schools.
  • We get unexpected people along as students. All Vietnamese will know who this is: (if you don’t)
  • We use a lot of games and activities to create learning, and to avoid death by Powerpoint.
  • We are genuine and authentic, emotional and caring. Some of our students are now lifelong friends. We are a tribe.

Simulation games

At Teal Unicorn, we are building a diverse suite of games so we can meet your needs for a custom learning and awareness programme, which is the first step in the advance to new ways of working 
In our own proprietary games:
We play a factory that makes Lego diggers to teach flow and management.
Or making a message out of postits to learn Sociocracy and Camelot.
Or building a pagoda out of plastic cups to learn siloes and handoffs.  
We are certified to run simulations from on The Phoenix Project and Mars Lander.
We own many other games: GetKanban, M3.0 Meddlers, M3.0 Delegation Poker, M3.0 Change Management, Pandemic, Riders&Elephants, ABC, Oblique Strategies, Liberating Structures, TestSphere,  Yata…
And we have dozens of smaller games to sprinkle into our workshops.

Video by Alex Nguyen Thang Long

Our training is different.

Yes, we still have Powerpoint slides, so we break it up with games, exercises, workshops, and discussions.
We have firm beliefs about the training environment, so we get out of the city, out of windowless rooms, and away from sleep-inducing food. Our facilities are usually big, open, well lit, relaxed, and a bit quirky or different.

Our preferred menu:

  • Breakfast
    Hard boiled eggs, meats, cheeses, fresh tomatoes, fruit, yoghurt, croissants…
    low carb, one starch dish e.g. pasta
    Chicken legs, kebabs, cold meats, salads, nuts…
  • Breaks
    Fruit, low starch desserts, pastry savories …
    Plunger coffee
    Vietnamese tea in pot, assorted teabags.
    Kombucha, real juice
  • Snacks afterwards for those who want to linger.

In New Zealand, we prefer to run public training in Porirua (near Wellington). No, wait, hear us out.

Porirua is central to the student watershed.

Wellingtonians travel out against the traffic, on motorway or empty trains all the way.
Kapiti Coast folk travel in heavy traffic but stop half-way on their normal commute.
Hutt Valley travel over Highway 58 in moderate traffic, or take two trains.
If you fly in, we will shout you an Uber. Let us know.

We get you out of the city, away from work. And it’s lovely here. We are going to get married in Porirua.

We have found the best places to run our courses, with a mix of venues to suit the content and audience.

Value add

New attendees get a complementary copy of our book The agile Manager

Nobody ever remembers everything from training, so if you repeat a course (people do!) we give 50% discount.

We provide ongoing support and coaching for our students, much of it on Facebook (don’t even mention Slack, you geeks). You become part of our tribe, and our friends.

We look forward to meeting you.
Rob and Cherry