In addition to general consulting, Teal Unicorn provides practical, tactical management coaching to get results with the new advanced ways of managing.

If you have a manager finding their way as the organisation advances, or are yourself still unpacking what it means, Teal Unicorn will provide reflection, advice, insight, and principles.

We have a combined fifty years of experience in business, academia, and government. We have owned companies, managed teams, driven projects, delivered change, and taught thousands.  Our clients get great results from talking with us, as we help them find their way and their answers. They get resolution, reassurance and confidence. Almost everybody wants more.

Rob coaches in English, at an enterprise or IT level. Cherry coaches in Vietnamese or English, at the enterprise level.

We typically talk for 1.5 to 2 hours per week or fortnight, plus email support.

Spend an hour talking to us, no charge. Then decide. Contact us.

(Note: Coaching is not mentoring. We mentor a number of individuals. We don’t charge for this, it is by private arrangement, and is not a service of the company).