About Teal Unicorn

Two Hills™ Ltd is a management consultancy based in Porirua, near Wellington, New Zealand: the principals are Rob England and Dr. Cherry Vu (partners in life and work).

When Cherry and Rob collaborate to bring new ways of working and managing, our services  are provided under the Teal Unicorn™ brand.

We deal with new ways of management to make work better: better results, better lives, better society.

Teal because of Frederic Laloux’s model of Teal Culture.

Unicorn because of the Agile iconography around the term “unicorn”.

Make work better because we all should. There is a renaissance in social and work thinking transforming IT, enterprises, government, and society; which will make better lives at work, better society around our work, better results in work.

What motivates and inspires us is how the new ways improve both people’s lives and work outcomes.

Our expertise is in organisational transformationadvancement, culture change, leadership, and operational practices: the combination of policy, plans and people to operate the organisation.

We provide Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Content. And of course we work in new ways.

We are based in New Zealand; and also work regularly in Vietnam, where we consult onsite as well as all our other services.

We coach, train, and deliver content on advanced management anywhere across Asia/Pacific, or online around the world.

We come onsite to consult and teach. We also organise public classroom training. And we provide training and coaching online.

We are members of the Business Agility Institute, the Teal Network, the Open Management Academy, and the Open Leadership Network.



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Who we are
Dr Cherry Vu and Rob England are Teal Unicorn.
What we believe
Humanity at work.
Think in systems.
Deal with complexity.
What we wrote
The agile Manager (small"a"), Open Management, and other books
Where we focus
we centre on Better Ways of Management to support the better ways of working
What we know
Better ways of managing and working: business agility, open leadership, empowered work.
What we do
Consult, coach, train, create content. Across the enterprise (at all levels), and within Information Technology.
How we work
We work in new ways (of course): iterative, incremental, experimental, exploring success with you.
What we've done
Served large and small at all levels across many industries in multiple countries, to lift performance and improve the culture.
What we don't do
We don't work like conventional large consultancies.
Where we work
Often in NZ or VN, and anywhere in the world, online or onsite.
When to engage us
When you want to advance to new ways of managing, or you need the new ways of working to succeed
What about IT?
In NZ, Rob specialises in IT management, strategy, and flow. Find him at our Two Hills website

Teal Unicorn's

Đội Teal

Rob England
Rob England
Managing Director
What a team
What a team
We work together 24x7. Cherry leads in Vietnam and Rob leads in most other places.
Huynh Thi Hang
Huynh Thi Hang
Associate Consultant
Tran Duong
Tran Duong
Associate Consultant
Thi Thanh Hoa Dao
Thi Thanh Hoa Dao
Associate Consultant
James Macnee, Lean guru
James Macnee, Lean guru
We bring in associate experts as needed e.g.
DevOps Dog

Our Clients