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Blog Posts for May 2021

Continuing our series summarising our Teal Unicorn blog posts by month, here are the posts for May 2021:


At last, we are revealing our success secrets:

Our secret formula. Cherry’s message is simple.

How to help managers be vulnerable: How do we help managers deal with a VUCA world where they no longer have the answers (nor can they create the illusion they do)? How do they deal with the insecurity?

How we make a difference: our generic Teal Unicorn pattern of advancing a client (every instance is different of course). This approach succeeds in the context of advancing Continuous Delivery, or Change Management, or any other improvement context.

On our theme of Surviving and Thriving in a VUCA World (S&T Happens):

Planning and direction in the zone of uncertainty:  finding our way within the zone of uncertainty between the plannable future and our far off vision.

We blogged about a few aspects of better ways of working:

Who should a scrummaster report to? With an agile manager lens, the answer is straightforward.

Agile: don’t work faster, do less.

Turn failure from a cost to an asset How to convert failures from costs to assets: punitive culture has to end.

And we take a stance on a few issues as always:

Work is never an excuse for abuse

The new ways are an advance not an alternative I’ve had enough of those treating scientific management  (Taylorism)  and humanistic management as alternatives. They’re not equivalent morally or practically.

Whenever we can, we will translate some Vietnamese content (but it takes a lot of time!! Auto-translation is not much use)

Talking about the dream by Dr Vu. We’re traveling through the autumn, through lots of clean fresh small towns. The South Island streets of New Zealand are long and very welcoming… each place looks as beautiful as paintings. We keep going like that, every time we stop many kilometers apart. Stories keep filling our journey.

We miss you too Su Recently our friend and client Su Nguyen, wrote this reflection on Facebook.