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An agile enterprise success

Reading Time: 7 minutes

An agile enterprise success in the Vietnam online training industry.

This must be one of the fastest organisational improvements in Vietnam. Mostly over a period of just three months, with the guidance of Teal Unicorn’s Dr. Cherry Vu*, Amber Academy have advanced in a series of incremental steps:

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Working more efficiently, and happily

Reading Time: 7 minutes

These two talented young and beautiful girls are Lũy Phạm and Nhi Lâm, the owners of Lamluy, unique designer lingerie. I was going to post a picture of myself wearing Lamluy’s clothes but I was scared to death


Here is a video interview another of our students, Trần Thủy Tiên, did with the Lamluy ladies, in Vietnamese {17 minutes}

(You can read more Teal Unicorn client stories here)

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Precious time back through very human agile thinking

Reading Time: 12 minutes

My name is Đỗ Cẩm Lai (Lucy Do), and I am CEO and owner of LINHPOHS, specializing in all kinds of shirts and home wear.

(Cam Lai in yellow)

Time is my life and it is my most precious thing.
So to me, efficient use of time and agile management have helped me achieve success. Previously, I worked up to 12 hours / day, but in recent months, I only work 1-2 hours / day. Sometimes I have to remember to call and ask the staff if they need any assistance. “Look, no sister !!!” but the efficiency is still increasing. I’m incredibly happy because the staff took my job away. Ooh …
I’m not an expert, but I have the pleasure of sharing because maybe what I write can touch someone, helping them get out of a deadlock like I used to be in.

Here is a video interview in Vietnamese another of our students, Trần Thủy Tiên, did with Cam Lai {8 minutes}

(You can read more of Teal Unicorn’s client stories in English here)

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Study <-> Practice <-> Experience <-> Learn <-> Share 

Reading Time: 7 minutes

I am Lê Diệu Phương (“Dory”), an owner and manager at Vinh Phát.

Dory is from Ho Chi Minh City. She graduated from Vietnam University of Economics in Foreign Trade in 2004 and University of Social Sciences & Humanities Bachelor of English in 2005.

She worked in international shipping, warehousing and supply chain industry from 2002-2012. Then moved to customer service management, call center customer care distribution pharmaceutical, cosmetics, drinking water, food, chemicals & insurance from 2012-2014. In mid-2014, Vinh Phat Company was established with 2 co-founders specializing in supplying epoxy materials for the footwear processing industry, then expanding the production of processing equipment to increase productivity in shoe production.

(You can read more of Teal Unicorn’s client stories here)

I would like to share my experience in applying Agile Management in our company after attending Teal Unicorn training courses.

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Reorganising everything to new ways of working

Reading Time: 13 minutes

I am Nguyễn Thị Nhường (Su Nguyen), Founder and CEO of LOC Group Fashion Joint Stock Company 

Su left university to start a research and production programme on rimless bras in February 2016, and officially launched her lingerie manufacturing business in July 2016 with Loc, her boyfriend, naming the company after him. She later graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy as a doctor.

Here is a video interview in Vietnamese that another of our students, Trần Thủy Tiên, did with Su, {17 minutes}

(You can read more of Teal Unicorn’s client stories in English here)

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Self-organising through the J-curve to better performance

Reading Time: 19 minutes

It is hard to overstate just what an amazing case study that Vinh Duc Real is, so I want to preface the story told by Hang with my (Rob) own reflections on the journey over more than a year.

Not only did Hang completely reinvent the operating model for a real estate agency of 40 people, so that they were self organising teams, completely fluid as to size, structure, and duration; but then when most of the staff realised what a dynamite model it was and decided to go off on their own to start a new agency, this didn’t create any hostility or friction. Hang supported them in doing so and maintained a business relationship, so that they continue to share clients and properties, to their mutual benefit. As a result, Hang now operates with 5 staff, has reduced her office space and all her operating costs, and still gets the same revenue as she did with 40 and makes much more money than she used to. Everyone has three times higher income. 

Consider just how advanced this example of management is – straight out of the best of contemporary management textbooks. Completely self organising teams is the Agile that most organisations dream of. Growing staff until they fly free with their own business and remaining collaborating with them is pure Green from the Laloux model – one step away from Teal. Hang has made it work with courage and conviction, through the support and advice of Dr Cherry Vu. 


I’m Huỳnh Thúy Hằng (Sarah Huynh), CEO of Vinh Đức Real Estate Agency. I founded this company four years ago.

We have 40 staff involved in arranging the sale of properties, as well as investing in land and houses, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

(You can read more of Teal Unicorn’s client stories here)

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