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CareHome patience doing the right things for the right results

We are glad that, with Teal Unicorn’s help,  CareHome home maintenance company has gone from a bulky management firm to a compact, agile one; from a place of constant loss, and insufficient compensation, to a profitable one; from unhappy people to happier employees and customers. The two owners Đào Hồng Hà
and Quách Văn Giang have changed their management ways, from micro-management to open management.
We want to share with you their story:

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PCS: producing different results

One of Teal Unicorn’s clients in Vietnam is PCS

PCS Courier is one division of PCS. PCS Courier were the first introduced to the work innovations, which are now happening with great success in the parent company.  You can read a report on the parent group here, and a summary here


At PCS Courier in 2022, Dr Cherry Vu of Teal Unicorn trained and facilitated them in simple agile concepts: daily Scrum-style standup meetings; Teal Unicorn’s own version of Kanban boards (which we haven’t shared yet); and our version of the Agile concept of ShuHaRi, which we wrote about here.  They will all be in our upcoming books. 

This team grew 52% new customers and 22% revenue in a week. We are so proud of them. We went on to help the parent group as well.  

PCS Courier even sent Cherry a birthday wishes video!

Here are some reflections from a team lead at PCS Courier:


What did we do to produce different results?

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When the leader leads

Another in our series of client case studies: EVN Finance.

In order to survive and develop in a constantly changing world where the needs of the customers are always changing, becoming an agile enterprise to improve the ability to respond to change is not an option, it is a MUST.

Mr Nguyễn Hoàng Hải, CEO of EVN Finance Joint Stock Company (EVNFC) is well aware of this and is looking for change. Dr Cherry Vu of Teal Unicorn coached him on becoming an Open and agile leader.

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