Archives April 2023

Solving systems debt

The normalisation of a defect list is one of the biggest dysfunctions of conventional project management and waterfall.
“Thank you for your money, here are your defects. I shall now deliberately release this technical debt into your systems and then we will all leave.
Doughnuts for everyone!”

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CareHome patience doing the right things for the right results

We are glad that, with Teal Unicorn’s help,  CareHome home maintenance company has gone from a bulky management firm to a compact, agile one; from a place of constant loss, and insufficient compensation, to a profitable one; from unhappy people to happier employees and customers. The two owners Đào Hồng Hà
and Quách Văn Giang have changed their management ways, from micro-management to open management.
We want to share with you their story:

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