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Exploring the world’s new ways of thinking.

Do you think about society and work differently?

Are you curious about the ideas that are changing how we work and manage?

Do you dream of making work better – better results, better lives, better society?

At Teal Unicorn, we have spent four years deep-diving into the new thinking which is resulting in new ways of working and managing (after a decade of exploring those new ways of working). We are not talking here about Agile and agility, although that was an early indicator.  This is about:

  • the reunification of truth beauty and goodness
  • evolution of culture to higher enlightenment
  • the demand for values over value

and how that leads to:

  • humane diverse autonomous collaborative work
  • transparent antifragile complex networked systems
  • open invitational transformational leadership
  • Beta servant management

This course will benefit anybody who wants a deeper understanding of the foundations which underpin what many people hope is the future of society and work. There is no religion here and only a little woo.

We don’t pretend to be experts, or even trained philosophers. This *live interactive* online course is Teal Unicorn coming to you as a scout who has been out there, and is reporting back on what they have found.  Therefore you can be sure that everything is presented in layman’s terms.

Strictly speaking, many of the “new” ideas aren’t new – some date back a century – but there is undoubtedly a new wave of thinking changing how we work and live in the 21st Century, across the domains of humanity, complexity, and agility, and accelerated by the current world crisis. We want to share what we have learned, because it gives us optimism about the world beyond these multiple concurrent crises.

You will gain:

  • new ideas about society and work.
  • better understanding of what you believe and how you work.
  • opportunities to challenge and improve your own behaviours.
  • more perspectives on what is happening to our world.
  • greater self awareness. Get new directions for your curiosity.
  • some connections to like-minded people.
  • a foundation for our other New Ways courses (not essential for those courses but useful if you are serious).


The Twentieth Century enlightenment: saw the rise of social welfare, global collaboration, universal health care, foreign aid, pacifism and arms control, the Marshall Plan and the Peace Corps, human rights, the hippy movement, feminism, gay rights, environmentalism, corporate social responsibility and multiple bottom lines, stakeholder capitalism, and many more developments all on the same trajectory of higher social consciousness.

This directly impacts work and management. Managers everywhere need to get this clear: the world is now driven by values over value. To have products aligned to all our stakeholders’ values, you must live those values. You can’t fake this. You will get called out. And the cognitive dissonance will damage your organisation. To win at this game, we must be a better organisation, embracing the values of our community. Your customers, partners, and staff all expect you to live values through your work, as do your owners, government, and society.

In this course we examine:

  • the social advances of the last century, and how the world really is getting better.
  • the changes in how we think about work and management. (Not the changes in how we do them, that’s another topic).
  • a profound step change in social thinking. The current six concurrent world crises may break that wave, bringing it about. Let’s think about what that might mean for us.

Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu are Teal Unicorn. We work with management to make work better; better results, better lives, better society. Dr Vu works in Vietnamese in Vietnam with a range of CEOs and senior managers, and Rob works in English in New Zealand with CIOs and IT management. Both of us use the same principles and approaches, and together we wrote a book The Agile Manager (small “a”) which gets consistent five-star reviews.  We can be found active on Twitter, Linkedin, and (DrVu) Facebook, and at

Feedback on other online courses

  • If you’re interested in getting insight into new ways of thinking and working…highly recommended.  Nick Pharo.
  • It stretched my thinking into new areas that I had not previously considered. Ziaan Hattingh
  • amazing 3 night course rob ? very thought provoking ? i’ve really enjoyed how you’ve articulated it all
  • very very good training Rob – from another veteran trainer

The course

The course runs once every TWO weeks for six weeks, i.e. FOUR sessions (last one at the end).

Each session is TWO hours.

We charge a nominal US$80 to help you commit, US$20 for students and the unemployed (coupon code NWOTx).

We run the course at 7am UTC, and make a recording available for those who can’t make that time (that’s North and South Americas, sorry).

Each course will proceed if 3 people enrol, or we will refund/credit your fee. Make sure by bringing two friends or colleagues!

Upcoming courses

Each course is 4 sessions spread over 6 weeks. Each session is 2 hours.

Online *live* 4 Wednesdays 0700 UTC 2020 September 30, October 14, 28, November 11 Enrol here