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In all our services (consult, train, or coach) from Teal Unicorn, we work using the better ways that we promote (of course): iterative, incremental, experimental, exploring success with you. 
New ways of consulting emerge from the new ways of working. Just as aspects of new ways of working have been around forever, so too with consulting. Good consultants have done these things. What’s “new” is the current synthesis of these ideas, and the movement to spread them.  So we are training ourselves to say “better” rather than “new”.

Let’s make it the generally accepted view of what consulting is.

Stop asking consultants for answers.

Stop doing change to people.

How we work:

We work with you incrementally, experimenting and exploring to find what works for you to maximise results and improvement.

We facilitate you finding the answers from those who know: the ones doing the work.  Like Drucker did.

We add experienced advice, theoretical guidance, and enlightening training.

And have some fun.

Teal Unicorn provides real consulting: we charge for the hours we work and we work only when we are providing useful service to you, which is generally high level advice and planning (though we are also happy to roll our sleeves up and get things done for you too). We tend to steer away from 5-days-a-week contracting except when you need an operational role created or temporarily filled.

We charge by value. Our hourly rate or the cost of a training day are set by its value to you, not some fixed rate.  We don’t charge as much for policy work or call centre process as we do for sales development or product strategy, as we do for executive coaching and organisational change.

As long as we are adding value that well exceeds our fees, and you continue to engage us, we work with you. We deliver results or we stop.

What we do:

We teach, advise, coach and consult to create awareness and understanding of Better Ways of Managing and Working, to “prime” the system.

We help set up a management model to govern and manage the work system in new ways; and an “Improvement Machine”, a core team to drive continual improvement to advance the system.

We foster an experiment programme to grow new ways, to explore the system.

We help hack the org to accelerate advancement to new ways, to free the system.

What we don’t do:

We don’t bring boilerplate solutions in white ring-binders. We have the humility to know what we don’t know.

We don’t know the answers. Nobody does, no matter how much you pay them. We bring  principles, patterns, and methods you can use to find your own answer, unique to your organisation, and found within it.

We don’t come in as show ponies then bait-and-switch to kids in suits who deliver the work. It’s all us.

We don’t sell you on commitment to a long-term project. We work incrementally as long as you still want us.

We don’t body-shop other people. (In special cases, we have brought trusted expert colleagues in to help us out).

We don’t do contracting by the week, except by special arrangement to help out.



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