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There is undoubtedly a new wave of thinking changing how we work and live in the 21st Century, across the domains of humanity, complexity, and agility, and accelerated by the current world crisis.  It changed – and is still changing – how we work. 

At Teal Unicorn, we run a number of courses about the new ways of working and managing, based on our consulting and coaching experience. Whether you have read our 5-star-rated book The agile Manager (small “a”) or whether you haven’t, our Intensive agile Manager course is for anyone who wants to crash the core concepts of all our courses in four 3-hour online sessions.


New Ways Of Managing is a book! The agile Manager, New Ways of Managing . Yes, small “a”.

And we do other training courses:

New Ways of Thinking

and others.

The course is online, live interactive training with us as instructors, along with activities and reading to reinforce the concepts.

  • Understand why the ways of the past aren’t the ways of the future, how expectations and needs are changing.
  • Look at the new concepts and tactics organisations use to cope.
  • Learn Teal Unicorn’s key to effective organisational change: change the way we manage.
  • Get the core new ways of managing: theory and practice.

It’s intense and to the point: the nub of what you need to know.  The ideas are in our book, which takes a text-book encyclopaedic approach, trying to cover everything however lightly.  This course is not structured like the book; instead it sticks to a few core concepts, giving you the backbone of the new ways of thinking, working, and managing.

You will be able to

  • develop your thinking about work and management in new ways to align with your stakeholders (e.g. social responsibility, diversity)
  • apply techniques and approaches in practical ways in the workplace (e.g. experimentation, OODA, servant manager)
  • identify practices and methods that you would like to learn more about (e.g. business agility, OpenSpace, Invitational Leadership)

We don’t like having to compress training, and frankly it’s hard work (“I’m sorry to write such a long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one”). We yield to public demand: here is the intensive course for those pressed for time. Or use it a sampler to decide whether you want to know more. If you value these ideas, you can then go deeper with other courses or coaching, or reading. (And if you don’t we hope you will give us lots of feedback so we can learn why).

Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu are Teal Unicorn. We work with management to make work better; better results, better lives, better society. Dr Vu works in Vietnamese in Vietnam with a range of CEOs and senior managers, and Rob works in English in New Zealand with CIOs and IT management. Both of us use the same principles and approaches, and together we wrote a book The Agile Manager (small “a”) which gets consistent five-star reviews.  We can be found active on Twitter, Linkedin, and (DrVu) Facebook, and at

Feedback on our similar online courses

  • If you’re interested in getting insight into new ways of thinking and working…highly recommended.  Nick Pharo.
  • It stretched my thinking into new areas that I had not previously considered. Ziaan Hattingh
  • amazing 3 night course rob ? very thought provoking ? i’ve really enjoyed how you’ve articulated it all
  • very very good training Rob – from another veteran trainer

The course

Full price is US$480.

There are FOUR sessions in one course:

  1. 3 hour online group session: part one
  2. 3 hour online group session: part two
  3. 3 hour online group session: part three
  4. As long as it takes group discussion session

For these four sessions:

There are TWO time options: we run it twice a day, at 9am UTC and 9pm UTC. Enrol for one time or the other.

Each timeslot will proceed if 3 people enrol, or we will refund/credit your fee. Make sure by bringing two friends or colleagues!

After the course, 

  • Become a Friend of Teal on this website for latest news, and discounts on other training
  • Join our closed group on LinkedIn with other alumni and like minds
  • Discuss by email with us: we provide support for any questions or feedback you may have
  • Receive a Kindle copy of our book The agile Manager (Small “a”)

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