A spectacular shift at PCS Group

Teal Unicorn’s client PCS is comprised of six divisions: Courier, Post, Logistics, e-Commerce, Online Import, and Trading.  We wrote a case study of the Courier subsidiary.   Here is an update from Cherry on the parent group and the spectacular changes there.

After nearly half a year of organizational upgrades, PCS General Inc. has made a spectacular shift:
  • The whole system is focused on a single common goal: Bring value to other products.
  • Customers highly appreciate the flexibility in implementing the translation and quality of service. So many customers who once left have come back to PCS when they are more flexible, higher quality.
  • Compensation policies, prices are also much better in a way that is beneficial to the customers rather than as beneficial and convenient for PCS as before.
  • Many big customers have cooperated with them.
If you witness the change first-hand, seeing the pain of customers and employees removed like magic, you will be very curious: how do they do such hard things in such a short time on such a scale?
The answer is simple: WHEN THE LEADER LEADS! [We said the same thing about EVN Finance.]
The next question will be: How to Lead?
When Thu Le, President of PCS expressed her desire to build a happy and prosperous organization and invited Teal Unicorn to accompany her, we told her: “Surely you will do it if you really want to with determination”.
Although throughout the process of improvement, our path was not smooth, Thu has always shown determination, always encouraged, and showed confidence in her path. The quote that this President often repeats: “I believe 200% on the road we are travelling, just be patient – we will surely produce good results”.
And that’s how it worked out.
In order for an organization to change, its leaders and managers have to change. PCS has changed in nature:
  • Open Management: Let the workers plan the work; empower self-organising teams; have the whole organization participate in decision making, policy making, and business development strategy.
  • Improved systems, reduce a lot of wasteful work which doesn’t create value.
  • Human Resources policy, work management, performance measurement:  completely shift towards the development of human capacity rather than controlling, commanding, ordering.
  • The whole organization is agile to respond: agile systems, agile teams, agile policy.
To achieve the above, in addition to being well led, leaders and managers have to constantly learn, continuously improve to lead the team and the entire organization. This is what makes Teal Unicorn the happiest and proudest. Because it’s not easy!!!
Congratulations PCS, congratulations Le Thu and team.

PCS really enjoyed the “Hackathon” we organised for them while we were in Vietnam, to hack some of their biggest issues.  here is Thu Le’s reflection:
Last 14/06/22, at the Hyatt Regency West Hanoi, PCS successfully organized the HACKATHON Festival with the great guidance of Cherry Vu and Rob England. The event is a great opportunity for members to voice groundbreaking, innovative ideas aimed at the common goal of PCS development in the digital age and the VUCA world.
At the Festival, members sat down together, discussed, analyzed and offered opinions on issues:
Strengthening the company, products and services of PCS
– Weaknesses in products and services
– Growth opportunities in the future
– Difficulties, challenges needing to be faced
– Implementation of ideas and solutions
There were so many ideas and creative products coming from the teams presenting at the Festival. Ideas were prepared, researched, in depth, unique in content and form. Each idea was presented in 5 minutes and taken to auction. The results sent 2 ideas into the Finals to be analyzed by all members:
– An from the Buy For Me group: build an e-Commerce Floor connecting international goods, shipping, payments.
– An idea from Logistic Depot group: a website platform that provides a shipping solution.
The ideas were discussed in a multidimensional, open, and profound way that provides a basis for PCS to get new breakthroughs and further development directions.
Besides that, the HACKTHON Festival 2022 is also an opportunity for all PCS members, leaders and guests to meet, interact, create more together, and serve the job better. The HACKATHON day is over and left many deep impressions on each participant.