Leading me to change and in a miraculous way.

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This is more a testimonial than a case study, from Dao Thanh Hoa, Manager Admissions Office at the International School of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.  It is worth sharing.  We will follow with a story later.


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At the end of the year evaluation, receiving a 360° rating from a senior colleague in the team, my tears poured out from nowhere. I think it’s still embarrassing.

Coach Cherry Vu teaches: to have employees engaged, productive and happy, you only need to be a service manager, focusing on the needs of others before considering your own needs. 

The service leader, according to Cherry, often has these characteristics:

– Listening

– Empathy

– Wellbeing

– Awareness

– Persuasion

– Conceptualization

– Foresight

– Management Responsibility

– Commitment with human development

– Community building.

Thank you Cherry for leading me to change and in a miraculous way. Even though I only did 30% of the things I have learned, I was able to acknowledge and treat my team in a more humane and human way. Together, we have again achieved many memorable numbers of old in this year of COVID epidemic. But what is more worthy of respect for me is the love of trust and happiness of everyone when coming to work, so that every day we want to work better than yesterday, “serve” better than our super team.



(You can read more Teal Unicorn client stories here)