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Precious time back through very human agile thinking

My name is Đỗ Cẩm Lai (Lucy Do), and I am CEO and owner of LINHPOHS, specializing in all kinds of shirts and home wear.

(Cam Lai in yellow)

Time is my life and it is my most precious thing.
So to me, efficient use of time and agile management have helped me achieve success. Previously, I worked up to 12 hours / day, but in recent months, I only work 1-2 hours / day. Sometimes I have to remember to call and ask the staff if they need any assistance. “Look, no sister !!!” but the efficiency is still increasing. I’m incredibly happy because the staff took my job away. Ooh …
I’m not an expert, but I have the pleasure of sharing because maybe what I write can touch someone, helping them get out of a deadlock like I used to be in.

Here is a video interview in Vietnamese another of our students, Trần Thủy Tiên, did with Cam Lai {8 minutes}

(You can read more of Teal Unicorn’s client stories in English here)

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