Why do we still need a project?

If we achieve agility, why would we still need to organise work in a project? Here are a few scenarios:
– as an interface mechanism to a governance system that isn’t (yet) agile e.g. funding, portfolio
– because there really is a project. A finite piece of work needs to be done by a milestone date in order to effect a step change e.g. Build a physical object, merge two entities…

– because there is a widespread surge of effort to achieve something big, which needs management of the money and staffing, coordination of work, tracking timelines and dependencies, and reporting on progress and benefits realisation.
– because it makes key stakeholders happy

 I don’t see agility as something restricted to the Complex domain. I think agility should be fundamental behaviour in all domains. In the Clear and Complicated domains, it needs to cohabit with project structures.