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Lingering last-century thinking

Conventional 20th Century management is baked into so much language and so many ideas and models. The world has moved on; we are better now, more enlightened. We understand how management can be different so as to make work better. This site is all about that.
But still the hierarchal, command-driven, mechanistic, dehumanising ideas linger all over the place.

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Enough being tough

Enough of the advice on how to be tough and cope with the heat in the kitchen.

We should seek not only who are strong and can take the abuse. People who are sensitive, caring, quiet, delicate, they all have something to contribute to the diversity.

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Using SFIA or eCF for IT teams doing Shu-Ha-Ri

We use Shu-Ha-Ri a lot. At one of our clients, the IT folk are finding it hard work to come up with a good set of IT skills, so I referred them to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) to populate their Shu-Ha-Ri model. Clients will be able to use this to get where you want. The risk is that it is too complicated.  If so, you should look at the European Competence Framework (e-CF) instead.

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