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Two thirds

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Whenever we break down work, (e.g. sessions in an Open Space, continual improvement backlog, teams in a hackathon, experiments) here’s my rule of thumb;
For each iteration, half is OK, two thirds is good, three quarters is great.

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Never judge a decision by its outcome

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We need to defend how we came to a decision, not what the decision was.

I like the OODA principle that

If you Observed well

And you can show how you Oriented those observations to policy and mission

Then the Decision you took and the consequent Actions are justified.

(Working Chronicles)

People are too often called on to justify their decision because of the eventual outcome. It’s a shame to work in a culture where that is true

Especially, it’s a shame that almost all public servants are afraid, because the public – and in particular the media- are so brutal. This destruction of psychological safety makes it almost impossible for the civil service to move. But the paralysis is everywhere. People are afraid to make bad decisions because of the consequences of the outcomes. The paralysis is a major issue in many organisations.

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I often say “Blame the system”, with the intention of redirecting the sentiment onto something inanimate. The next step is to learn not to blame anything, to mature to more positive emotions.

I can redirect blame away from individuals in seconds. To learn not to blame takes years.