We shouldn’t measure humans

Should we measure a person?
We (Dr. Cherry Vu and I, Teal Unicorn) say no.

Reducing humans to numbers is, well, inhuman. This is what bureaucracy does, not Humanocracy, as Gary Hamel would have it. People are not wetware, not resources. The collective Capability of everyone is a resource, not the individuals. They’re our colleagues, friends, neighbours, kin.

It doesn’t matter whether person metrics can be shown to be useful. By the very act of measuring someone, you diminish them and damage your culture.

Every person is unique, with unique value to the organisation and society. E.g we have no problem with organisations employing sports stars for what they do outside. Extend that thinking to everyone. See them as a whole person with value beyond our metrics. Nobody works alone, we collaborate in a complex network of diverse intangible ways.

It is perfectly possible for a team to reflect, review, assess, and aspire with someone, with dignity, without turning them into a line on a spreadsheet. It is better.