Times they are a-changing… fast

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When I read work-related social media, Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a changin’” often echoes in my head.

I’m amazed at the inability of so many people – most of them my cohort: middle-aged white men – to grasp the social changes under way. What? This stuff tealunicorn.com/nwot.

I see folk rail against liberation, diversity, egality, empathy, corporate social responsibility, and most of all the complexity-related concepts of uncertainty and ambiguity and what they imply: product not project, business agility, servant leaders, invitation, openness, trust.

Social change through the Corona Crisis, the resulting Depression, and the Climate Crisis, is going to be rapid and extensive. It will impact work as much as anything.

I try to separate politics from work, but it is not possible, for two reasons: integrity and wellbeing.
Right now it is my sincere belief that to stay silent is to be complicit.
So swallowing my beliefs would be harmful to me.
This is a hopeful time as social change is enacted, and it is also a dangerous time as reactionary forces are on the rise. The stale pale males are having their last thrashing about.

I’m sure they see me as a hairy mad loon but I don’t care, I know I’m on the side of the future. I say to them, do some self reflection and move on before you are left behind.