It’s not about the patterns

Work method frameworks – like for example those for Agile scaling – are just a means, not an end. On the grand scale, they really don’t matter.

Sure some are better than others, but only contextually and only as adapted.

What works best right here right now is going to be an amalgam of ideas from multiple frameworks and other sources, discovered by advancing in experimental increments.

None of them will ensure success. There are no magic patterns. Every organisation needs to find its own way to its own answer. What guides us are principles not methods.

Nor are approaches the main thing. The most important element is people and culture. People can succeed with crappy tools, but not vice versa. As culture and behaviour improves, we improve our methods and tools, again not vice versa.

Debating which framework is best is a waste of time over something that isn’t true and isn’t important. No one framework is “better” and no one framework is “the answer”. This is true of all work contexts, and in fact all human activity.