How to collaborate

Just notes at present: work in progress:

1) Invite
Whoever comes are the right people

2) be democratic
Let attendees set the agenda.
Our three favourite community collaboration tools are Lean Coffee, World Cafe, and Open Space Technology.

3) ritual is important
It provides a heuristic: as we become practiced, it saves us thinking about logistics and policy (guidelines, rules).

3a) England’s Law
It takes three repetitions to get anything right, to get back to being as effective as you were before the new thing (the J-curve). Only then can you start to improve.

4) strong networks
Provide a foundation for good collaboration.

loose hierarchies and strong networks

those networks happen at (at least) three levels:
Organising work: project teams, virtual teams, collaborative events…
Common skills and interests: guilds, meetups, professional bodies…
Social: sports, lunch clubs, breaktimes…