Getting through 2020

This year is only getting started.

I had to explain to someone today that Covid-19 isn’t over, we aren’t on our way back to normal.
There will be wave after wave of infection. More lockdowns.

In past pandemics, the second wave has sometimes been worse than the first. Given the lassé faire attitude of so many people, and the gross arrogance of as many more, I’d say that’s likely.

Then there is the coming crash, which most pundits agree will be the biggest in a century. It has been looming for a while, and just needed Covid19 to kick it off and make it many times worse.

And now the USA implodes… This has been coming for a long time. And it will impact the world.

We will all remember 2020. The ones who survive will be the ones who can change quickly. The agile ones.

2020 is starting to feel like this:

Out of chaos comes creation. The trick is to ride the torrent, try to stay above water, be as nimble as possible.
Don’t overlook that, in chaos, luck plays a huge role in deciding winners and losers, so if we are on top of the turmoil, let’s try to help all those around us not so lucky.
Teal Unicorn are branching into new areas as fast as we can, and enjoying the creative buzz of it. We will do all we can to bring others along. Now is the time to look for broader social change. It’s overdue.