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Work is political

Work is political.

It is no longer acceptable to treat work as a values-neutral place focused on the creation of value (for shareholders and incidentally customers).
Customers, partners, staff, and society at large all expect organisations to reflect their values.

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Standardised work

Standardised work is becoming an ever smaller part of our work.
– Change is constant.
– Too much is unknown.
– Knowledge work is intangible, voluntary, and shared. It’s value is subjective. It is unmeasurable.

Efficiency and effectiveness are no longer the goals. Agility is.

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Better wake up.

If you think:
….people should leave their social issues at the door when they come to work …
…your profits can be weighed against somebody else’s life….
…the purpose of a company is to make money….
….society’s problem is not my organisation’s problem …

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