Free online training for all you folk at home

It is more important to improve than to do work. Really.
Find out why in our upcoming free training.
And that’s the rationale to join in.

We at Teal Unicorn are keeping ourselves amused under lock-down by sharing our learnings  in this brief introduction to the aspects of management impacted by the shift in thinking which is impacting the ways we work: Human Systems Agility = diversity, empowerment, open leadership, transparency, ethics, complexity, systems theory, flow, Lean, Agile, uncertainty, change, antifragility, improvement…. To get a taste of what it is about, check out our growing list of Principles of New Ways of Managing.

5 days of 2-hour realtime online human training from me and DrVu.
Monday-Friday, 6-10 April, 8pm UTC.
Yes we know 10th April is Good Friday.  It’s not like you’ll be going anywhere (ignore Trump’s lunacy). If it doesn’t suit you, come to the first four. The last one will be discussion and Q&A to consolidate and customise the learning.

If you register early, we will send some pre-reading. (It will also encourage us that somebody is actually interested).

We will use a Zoom meeting. Register here:…

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
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