Congratulations PCS, congratulations Le Thu and team.

After nearly half a year of organizational upgrades, Tổng Công Ty PCS has made a spectacular shift:

– The whole system is focused on a single common goal: Bring value to the customer.
– Customers highly appreciate the flexibility in delivering service, and quality of service. So many customers who once left have come back to PCS when they are more flexible, higher quality.
– Compensation policies, prices are also much better in a way that is beneficial to the customers rather than as beneficial and convenient for PCS as before.
– Many big customers have cooperated with them.
If you witness the change first-hand, seeing the pain of customers and employees removed like a miracle, you will be very curious: How do they do such hard things in such a short time on such a scale?
The answer is simple: WHEN THE LEADER LEADS!
The next question will be: How to Lead?
When Thu Le, President of PCS, expressed her desire to build a happy and prosperous organization and invited Teal Unicorn to accompany her, Cherry told her: Surely you will do it if you really want to with determination.
Although throughout the process of improvement the path was not flat, Thu has always shown determination, always encouraged and showed confidence in her path. The quote that this President often repeats: I believe 200% on the road we are going, just be patient we will surely produce good results.
And that’s how it worked out.
Cherry always tells our clients this: In order for an organization to change, its leaders and managers have to change.
PCS has changed in nature:
– Open Management: Let the workers plan to do the work, self-organize teams, the whole organization participates in decision making, policy making, business development strategy…
– Lean systems, reduce a lot of wasteful work, which doesn’t create value.
– Human Resources policy, work management, performance measurement … completely shift towards the development of human capacity rather than controlling, ordering, commanding.
– The whole organization is agile to respond: agile system, agile teams, agile policy.
To achieve the above, in addition to being well led, leaders and managers have to constantly learn, continuously improve, to lead the team and the entire organization. This is what makes us the happiest and proudest. Because it’s not easy!!!