Work from the heart

Our work at Teal Unicorn is driven from the heart not the head.  We are finding what works at a human level not a mechanistic one.

I find I can’t deal with abstraction as much as I could.

That may be chemo-fog (one of the after affects of chemotherapy) but I suspect it’s just age.  I’m focused on going to the level of the practioners I meet in the field.  I’m heavily influenced by what we are doing in Vietnam. What works.  So my stuff is less likely to be consistent or “correct”.

By applying the whole range of Human Systems Agility ideas we are unlocking work in extraordinary ways.  I’ve not felt the need for detailed analysis. I’m find abstraction unhelpful.
Meanwhile, we tell human stories from the heart mixed with all the familiar concepts of the new ways and raise companies up. People cry.
This is my new direction, partly to play to my own strengths and weaknesses, but mostly because I see that Teal, resilience, agility…. none of these are analytical concepts, they’re not amenable to abstract models.  Something like Cynefin is illuminating, it opens doors to new ways of thinking, but I think it’s as wrong, as overly simplistic, as any model.
I’m dancing with the systems, trying to understand at a holistic human level what works. Just as the laws of physics aren’t useful when actually sailing a boat, nor chemistry when trying to heal a patient, I dont find any of our models much use at the coalface of organisations.
This is a new direction for me.  I like to think I sniff the wind quite well, so I’m hoping it is for society too.