The benefits of a daily standup

Discussion of daily standups often focus on specific benefits In a project context. We find there are huge benefits in a daily standup for any team anywhere.

I came up with these six:

  • Heads up on current situation.
  • Share information and resources.
  • Co-ordinate activity.
  • Swarm on impediments.
  • Form a team mindset.
  • Stay aware of each other’s work.

Of course ChatGPT said it better (abridged):

1. **Improved Communication:** It fosters open and transparent communication.

2. **Team Alignment:** Team members can understand what others are working on, which reduces duplication of efforts.

3. **Quick Problem Resolution:** early detection of issues or roadblocks.

4. **Increased Accountability:** Sharing progress and goals publicly encourages accountability.

5. **Increased Productivity:** By focusing on what needs to be done each day, teams can stay on track and be more productive. It minimizes distractions and keeps the team’s attention on high-priority tasks.

6. **Enhanced Collaboration:** team members often discover opportunities to help each other or share knowledge during the standup.

7. **Better Time Management:** short and time-boxed. This helps in efficient time management.

8. **Visibility for Stakeholders:** If stakeholders are involved, daily standups provide them with visibility into the project’s progress and any potential issues.

9. **Continuous Improvement:** Over time, teams can use daily standups to identify patterns and areas for improvement in their processes.

10. **Team Morale:** sense of accomplishment and teamwork as progress is shared.