Open over Agile

Why do we need “Open”? what is wrong with “Agile” or “Agility”?

Firstly, agile has a more specific meaning than open. Open can mean much more, including agile but also beyond.

But secondly, this:

Ilja is quite right. Agile isn’t political. I’ve always read too much into it. It is too narrow a field for what we want to do with Open.

Open isn’t a single movement, like Agile. It is a super-movement, a social shift, made up of many movements around equality, socialism, environmentalism, feminism, racism, gender identity, liberation … It is explicitly about morality. Or perhaps that’s better said as: Open is an emergent property of these social movements. It is a natural consequence of social advance.

Agile is about doing things right, in a fluid way. Open is that and more. It is also about doing the right things: right for business, right for staff, and right for society.