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Better Ways Of Managing is a book! The agile Manager (small “a”) .

See also our later book: Open Management , which is more about the Why of better managing.

The basic principles that Teal Unicorn works with, the better ways of managing and working, apply anywhere within an organisation, including within Information Technology (IT). Likewise, the globally improving methods that we identified around these better ways, which we call Open Work and Open Management, can be applied to IT. We call that Open IT, of course.

In every domain, there are deeper implications for that domain, including IT.  We call IT the “epicentre” of Open: IT has emerged as the thought leader on better ways of working. It has taken over the baton from manufacturing. In most organisations, IT is leading the way. More and more, the wider organisation is asking IT to lead or at least provide expertise in advancing to new ways. IT has strong allies and sometimes other domains take the lead: corporate change, strategy, or personnel/HR can be sources of Human Systems Adaptability thinking.

Conversely, social change is impacting IT, as organisations embrace the new ways of thinking, which we capture in an organisational governance context as “values over value”.

We mapped this trajectory of the advances in IT thinking:

When considering IT, these new ways have specific implications locally for IT (blue), and for the organisational functions IT engages with (green):

At Teal Unicorn, we provide specialised IT services for these Better Ways of Managing in IT – contact us.  We have consulted for 15 years with ITSM, ITIL, COBIT, IT governance, IT strategy, and DevOps.