Meet Mr Teal

Meet Mr Teal.  He’s a caravan.

I don’t usually post personal stuff, but Mr Teal is relevant on several levels.

Teal is of course a level of social advancement. It part of the language of new ways of working. It’s part of our brand, Teal Unicorn.

The Unicorn part is about operating models. I’m building a model around how agility implies #NoPlanning. Some of that is scenarios and options. We test the model on ourselves. The caravan is an option for several scenarios next year.

2021 is going to need Adaptability = Agility + Resilience.

“Mister” Teal is about resilience. A few of you will know what the figurehead is. It’s a radiotherapy mask. They bolted me down to a table with it 35 times to get rid of my tongue and lymph cancers. So far so good. I’m fit again.

So Mr Teal stands as a symbol at the intersection of our personal and business lives.  He’s about agility and resilience in 2021. Onward.