Make pay transparent

A TikTok account is sharing people’s salaries. “Gen Z is known for sharing everything about their lives – from their outfits to their latest meals – online. Now, they’re sharing their salaries, defying a long-held taboo and ruffling employers’ feathers”
This transparency is brilliant. One day it will be mandatory.

We work for money. Stop paying me, I stop working. Money is the only measure of how much an employer values us. We white males are in a position of privilege here with the most to lose from transparency, so I don’t think it’s our call.
The other party with much to lose is the employer. Secrecy allows them to screw people for the lowest they will agree to work for. They leverage the fear and desperation of the unemployed. Transparency forces them to pay fairly.

nothing to do with humans is without problems. On balance, I and an increasing number of people think it’s better to be open. Clearly it would eliminate underpaying desperate people who take low-ball offers, which I think is despicable. It’s not as if people wont be petty about pay anyway. If people want as much as somebody with longer service, that is an opportunity to all be clear on rewards for length of service and loyalty. If somebody is paid more than me and HR need to explain why, that’s a good thing. It’s better than not even knowing they get more. And if somebody is being paid three times what I am, I’d sure enjoy the discussion about whether they deliver three times the value.