In the crisis, reflect and advance

Take time to think right now, then be agile dealing with the situation.

Lots of people are struggling to concentrate at the moment.  Don’t beat yourselves up about it, folks.  Take this time to relax, to chill, and to reflect. And to deal with any anxiety. It might be the first chance you’ve had in years to just stop. Your body and mind are taking it.

Then see it as an opportunity.  We must all be agile.  If you already understand business agility, examine your own behaviour. “Physician, heal thyself”.  If not, here is a summary:

You’re in unknown territory, stop trying to come up with answers, with projects, new business models. We don’t know. Uncertainty is high. Ambiguity is everywhere. VUCA.
Therefore we must experiment and explore.  Iterate and increment. Probe, sense, respond.

Planning is essential but plans are expendable. Plan short (actions) and long (vision, goals), but not medium term. I’m planning 1 month and 3 years. Usually that would be 3 months and 2 years but I’ve had to adjust to the greater uncertainty by bringing in the short and pushing out the long.

Creativity and innovation are the way forward. To maximise them, maximise diversity. Talk outside your normal circles. Bring in people usually left out. Make sure all stakeholders have a say.

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