In defence of managers

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I’ve been posting and commenting a lot in defence of the much maligned manager.

It’s not the existence of managers which is an issue. We will always need people who own delivering an outcome which is asked of them by the organisation, when given authority, and access to (not necessarily ownership of ) people and resources to get it done.

The issue is the behaviour of managers. People get cynical and quite rude about this, but I believe only a minority of managers are dysfunctional individuals.

If we look at what drives the behaviour, we track back to the work system, the operating system of the org. It’s driven by the expectations set for management, and that leads us back to governance: values, vision, principles, goals.

It’s not the idea of management per se that we need to fix (or get rid of) nor the individuals. We need to fix the operating system of the enterprise to allow new behaviour, new ways of managing and working. Fix the system not the people. And FFS stop blaming the individuals caught up in the system. They’re the victims.

Every consulting firm should have an insanely complex wheel diagram, so we do too.

Unicorn Management Model