The purpose of this book is to provide a brief summary for executives of how Teal Unicorn have such great success, with a specific focus on what we need from you. So it serves both those wondering what it is all about, and those wondering if they should work with us, or preparing to do so.

The book is about Open Leadership, once we define the word “leader”. The authors think leadership is a behaviour that anybody can exhibit, not a role. But the world is determined to call you, executives, the “leadership” of the organisation, so we surrender – we use the term here in its popular meaning.
Open Leadership is a dynamic, integrative, and adaptive approach to leadership that recognises and leverages the strengths of multiple leadership philosophies. It’s about leading with vision, empathy, flexibility, inclusion, and a good understanding of today’s complex environment.

Respecting your precious time, the book is short. This requires assuming you are familiar with many of the concepts we use. If not, we provide references for you to investigate further. Google and ChatGPT are your friends. You might also consider reading our companion book Open Management.
The book was written with the help of ChatGPT-4, for structuring, drafting and editing. We hope it doesn’t show. We welcome feedback on this or anything else.

The figure on the cover is a purple (as in leadership) version of the figure on the cover of our book Open Management

The Open Executive is currently in writing.  It might be published before the end of 2023.