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Here is our “rogues gallery” of our wonderful supporters.

Supporters from our beloved tribe in Saigon: Vinh, Khuyen, Dzung, and Nhien, who have all been so helpful to us.


Hang (second from left), Cherry’s greatest supporter and our favourite client and friend. Dzung got two books? Must be for Hai, Dzung’s husband on the left – they’re also great friends and clients.


Recognise her? Vietnamese will. It’s Đỗ Mỹ Linh . I get to meet some awesome people.


Anh Nam has been an amazing behind-the-scenes supporter of Teal Unicorn in Vietnam, to whom we are forever grateful.
(“But I am smiling”).


Christophe is a good friend, and a reviewer of the book (who we left off the acknowledgements until version 7.6 – groan).
That background shows up a lot: the Wellesley is our “office” in Wellington.


Clare has been a great supporter and collaborator over the years, and lead the creation of VeriSM


David Ratcliffe, President of Pink Elephant, was an early and long-term supporter of Two Hills, to whom we owe a lot. The book is one small thank-you.


Our good friends Kaz and Breed from Macanta consulting, Melbourne



Anh Binh and his wife Thuy, (both of them students and supporters!), after a wonderful Hue-style meal, thankyou!

Best mate and longtime colleague Nick, Melbourne

Hoa and Lan Phuong speak such good English they joined our Book Club!

Hieu and his wife Nga travel from far off to train with us

One of the biggest buyers of our book (so far), and a lovely man, Minh, of Action Learning, Vietnam

Our friend James helped us in Vietnam with Lean. He’s good!

Our other friend James, yet to come to Vietnam.

Our good friend and student, Mai, Saigon

Our friend Nga

Frans, from Toyota Kata Institute, in our office – Two Hills World Headquarters.

Paul, our CIO client, ready for new ways. We ran the OpenSpaces.

Dearest Dory, student.

Anh Thanh Nam is enlightened and energetic, we hope to do more with him and his online university

Barry was a great supporter when we started in a government agency and got some good stuff done on a short time

…especially with the help of Carin

Rebecca rocks.

Ngoan, hard working student and proud dad.

We hope to see more of Nam

Rob worked with Pat 15 years ago! Still in touch.

Edwin and Rob hang out in the Devops community together.

Alison is a global expert in all sorts of things, and helped with the Direct framework in the Appendix of the book

Mark is an ITIL author and ITSM thought leader

Mark shares the book with his students

And his son!

And Robert den Broeder, with whom I’ve had brisk discussions online.

Bob, Cherry’s good friend and PhD examiner

Karl, one of Cherry’s PhD examiners

Mike MCed a business agility conf we spoke at.

One of our younger readers, with Mandy, superwoman.

Everett and…

…Chris and Alfred all organise the DevOps Meetup with Rob

Andreas the day we ran The Message at Victoria University

Paul is NZ CIO of the Year. Rob had the pleasure of working with him in the past.


Carmel has been a follower since The IT Skeptic.  It’s always lovely to thank supporters.

Stephen has been a longtime friend and colleague

Colonel Jim gets this stuff.

So does Colonel Paul.

Anthony invited us onto his podcast, BizBytes

Ha came to visit us in Wellington, posing here in front of the local office of his employer.

Dung has been a passionate student and supporter of our work, gaining great success of her own

Mrinal is a smart dude.

Dave has been an inspiration for years.


Who knows if it contributed to Bettina’s PhD?


Anh wil go a long way as an entrepreneuer

Which one is Harvey Buisman? (No, really.  Ask Bui Ha) Good friends, good company, good books.