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2020 changed the game for organisations: business, not-for-profit, and government.  We need different ways of working.  To survive and thrive (S&T) in 2021 and beyond, we need adaptability.

Teal Unicorns at work

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Work has changed forever.   It’s not just about remote working, that is only a tiny part of the shift.

To cope with a volatile, uncertain, complicated, and ambiguous world, we need more adaptable ways of working.  What got you to this point may have worked fine, but most organisations are struggling to make their operating models work in this decade, and many more will meet challenges soon.

Adaptability = Agility + Resilience.

Business Agility is well documented.
We talk about all the new ways of working that broadly get lumped together as “agility” here.

We summarise them as Human Systems Adaptability:

Business Resilience is less commonly described. We talk about resilience here.

If we agree to move toward new ways of working, we must make the journey adaptable too, using these new ways to experiment and explore forward, advancing safely.