Open Management

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To open up to better work, we are opening up the organisation like a flower, letting light and air in, making room to move and grow, exposing the workings, inviting others in, welcoming, creating possibilities, allowing pollination, letting the value out, letting us thrive.

Open Management is a book by Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu – together we are Teal Unicorn.

This book is for those who improve how we work, especially managers, coaches, and consultants; and for those who work, and want to take ownership of improvement. If you are dissatisfied with the way work works, and you are seeking better ways of working, this book will propose new directions for you to explore, and inspire you to go there to make work better.

Most of this book is supplementary discussion of ideas in the main text, which is kept mercifully short for the hurried reader – about 60 pages.

We must be open: open society to higher consciousness; open organisations to greater transparency and inclusion; open teams to collaboration; open individuals to self-examination, honesty, and vulnerability.

The key to advancing work is the manager. We must open up management to be invitational, inclusive, serving, and transparent. Better ways of managing enable better ways of working.

This is an appeal to our better selves to advance work and society to greater humanity and a better world – better ways of being.

“This book lights our path to what’s next.”

Ed Morrison, co-author of Strategic Doing

(Don’t miss the excellent Foreword by Ed)

Our other book, The agile Manager (small a). is practical experience and advice on better ways of working and managing. It was the how, this is the why. This book, Open Management, is a philosophical manifesto, an appeal to our better selves to advance work and society to greater humanity and a better world – better ways of being.

While so much thinking about work seems to be focused on models – especially models of agility and flow – this book rises above them to understand principles and behaviours for better ways.

Open Management features a Foreword by one of our thought leaders, Ed Morrison, author of Strategic Doing. His foreword for us is just like Ken Wilbur’s deep and learned foreword to Fred Laloux’s more rambling book Reinventing Organizations. It didn’t show the book up, it enhanced it. (Not that I’m comparing Open Management to Reinventing Organizations, only the boost that Ed has given to it with his nicely crafted essay.)

Open Management is a complement to our book, The agile Manager (small a).


Open Management  is available in English.  It will be out in Vietnamese in 2022.  Sign up for our mailing list to hear when more books are released.

The paperback version is available. Initially only on Amazons, it may be picked up by other booksellers over the next two months.

The digital version is available, and only on Kindle. I hope you will understand. Bear in mind that our best selling book pays us less in a year than we make in a day of consulting. We can’t spend much time getting a new publishing platform set up and learn how it works. Similarly there is more work involved in recording an audio book than there is in writing it. The cost involved in creating an audio book professional exceeds anything we would ever make from it. There are free apps for Kindle on just about every platform. It is an easy universal solution for us that I have been using for a decade.

There may be a Vietnamese version  in 2022.