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To meet the demands of a changing world, we must all advance towards new ways of working and managing . Servant managers must empower knowledge workers to self-organise.  People know how to do their jobs.  Managers can serve the work instead of comnanding it, liberating workers to get on with it, and supporting them with whatever they need.

The Message is a large-scale simulation designed by Teal Unicorn, to experience how this is possible.

It demonstrates how a large number of people can self-organise to do creative work (software, design, bespoke manufacturing, … any knowledge work). It shows how we can scale Agile concepts from a team to a tribe without the heavy weight of certain popular frameworks.

In late 2019, Rob was unwell,and unable to go to Vietnam. The students chose as their message “We ♡ Rob” which was very moving.


It draws ideas from other games, including OpenSpace, Game Without Thrones, and LeSS Dynamics.

The game runs for a full day with 40-100 people in a large indoor space. We work together to write messages on the walls with paper. The simulation provides a minimum set of standards and patterns for teams to self-organise to do and improve the work.

We learn just what happens when you let the people doing the work design the work, collaboratively. They self-organise into Agile teams to achieve the outcome they have chosen.


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The Message game by Two Hills Ltd trading as Teal Unicorn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Contact us.

1 OpenSpace Guide, the great Harrison Owen
2 A Game Without Thrones…
GWoT is one of the key training simulations in XSCALE’s Exponential Business Agility(XBA) course. Public training sessions are available here.
3 The LeSS Dynamics game, Agilix
The LeSS Dynamics Game by Cesario Ramos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.