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The basic principles that Teal Unicorn works with, the new ways of managing and working, apply anywhere within an organisation, including within IT.

All of our usual services – consulting, training, coaching, and creating content on the new ways – are available to CIOs and their staff to help advance their organisation.

In addition, new ways of managing within IT is a specialty area for us, thanks to Rob England’s experience in this field.  Rob is a contributor to The DevOps Handbook, and to ITIL (2011 Service Strategy book, and minor contributions to two upcoming ITIL4 books), and a lead author of VeriSM. Rob was awarded the inaugural New Zealand IT Service Management Champion award for 2010 by itSMFnz, and made a Life Member in 2017. He has been to seven DevOps Enterprise Summits in the USA and UK, and spoken at three, as well as many other global conferences.


So we specialise.

There is a special IT version of our Unicorn Management Model, which adds:

  • Service Improvement Programme planning templates and method
  • A framework for decomposing Service Management into manageable tasks smaller than “processes”
  • An architecture for creating true practices not just “processes”
  • A supplier engagement model


Using our own Teal Unicorn approach to consulting, we bring these extra services to advance new ways of managing specifically in IT, consulting and training:


Consulting on advanced IT management, strategy, and governance:
Our expertise is in IT advancement, culture change, leadership, and services: the combination of policy, practices, and people to operate the organisation. We work in IT governance, management, and operations.

Rob’s critical, skeptical and pragmatic approach to IT adds value to any strategic or governance thinking, bringing an experienced eye to the development and review of culture, strategy, policy, structures, plans, practices, and processes. We draw from a wide range of bodies of knowledge. We can help:

transform IT

: systems, people, practices, and tools – with approaches such as Continual Improvement, Business Agility, and DevOps

develop leadership

: helping managers and executives understand the New Ways Of Managing, including servant leadership and Agile principles

build culture

: through attention to leadership, happiness, space, empowerment, community and communications


: capability and risk in governance and management of IT

establish governance 

: structures and processes in your organisation to better manage the value, risks and costs of your IT

develop strategy, policy and plans for IT 

: including ISSP, investment programme, service portfolio, policy framework, and principles



Consulting on New IT Ways of Working:
We know DevOps and IT Service Management.
We are moving away from a process-centric approach promoted by the likes of ITIL® and ISO20000. These tools have their place and we still use them, but the emphasis should be on the New Ways Of Working: empowering knowledge workers to be more effective in their own ways based on their own professionalism, within a framework of guidance, support, measurement, and accountability. Process design is a lower priority: we think it is too technical and theoretical. We prefer the practical approach taking selected elements from tools like DevOps, Business Agility, Agile, Lean IT, Adaptive Case Management, Kanban, Knowledge Centered Support, ITIL, and COBIT.

Some areas where we specialise include:

Service improvement

    • : raising the quality of services delivered through evaluation, comparison against best practice, and development of a planned improvement programme

Service delivery remediation

    • : troubleshooting dysfunctional service delivery functions and practices. Get your people and culture back on track.

Service catalogue and portfolio

    • : we guide the development of the heart of service management, the catalogue. This should be an early and central part of any service improvement programme, to focus and drive cultural change and to provide a linch-pin for all processes.

Cultural change: 

    • : improving the employee experience, and improving behaviours.

Service lifecycle: 

    • : approaches to service build and change, especially the integration of traditional waterfall approaches with Agile and DevOps to provide Multi-Speed IT capabilities in legacy environments.

ITSM coaching

    • : Help your staff through an ITSM improvement (please don’t say “implementation”).  Most consultants will provide either a one-off packaged engagement (eg. training course, packaged implementation) or continuous services by the day or week.  Many organisations can only afford to do the ongoing work in-house, so an initial training and/or implementation package is purchased then the organisation is left to drift, going it alone.  We provide an ongoing packaged service of regular ITSM coaching to keep your people on track, and to help overcome the day-to-day sticking points that arise.




    New ways of managing and the Unicorn Management Model.

    : We provide our own New Ways training.

    Simulation workshops (“games”).

    : We have our own “serious play” workshops to use experiential teaching to really build understanding of new ways, including the popular Diggers. We also deliver workshops from including The Phoenix Project and Mars Lander.

    Seminars and workshops.

    : Teal Unicorn provides a range of shorter workshops and seminars on a range of topics, based on the fresh, alternative IT ideas of Rob England. Visit our Workshops and Seminars page for details.

    DevOps training.

    : We provide training anywhere in Asia/Pacific on DevOps Foundation, DevOps Test Engineering, and Certified Agile Service Manager, via our partner ALC. Visit ALC for details.