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Here at Teal Unicorn we respond to our customers’ needs (and we like to make fun). Many organisations want something quick and easy to change culture and introduce agility.

We heard you, and we responded. There is clearly a demand for easy solutions to business agility. We see products promising a sure fire methodology. At Teal Unicorn we decided we better move with the market and offer our own solutions. And here they are!! We are super excited to announce….

Teal Unicorn’s Instant Agility product range. No mess, no fuss, just simple quick transformation.

Even quicker than our Instant Agility products, you can have certification in our tools with a click of the mouse. Get yourself an Instant Agility Certification!!

Agility In A Box.


No 90 day wait, just immediate point and click install. When your boss says “Go buy me one of them Agiles”, no more embarrassment! No more complicated explanations! Just ship Agility In A Box direct to their desk. Order now! Our cashiers are waiting. This month only $8000 plus shipping and taxes. Hurry now! This price can’t last.

Culture in a tube

No more messy organisational change programmes. Bypass resistance. Get to the core of the culture with our new insertion nozzle.

Made from the essential extracts of over 30 white ring binders. Fits industry standard applicators.

Yes changing culture can be quick and easy with Culture In A Tube.

Transform in a can

Transformation of the organisation is made easy. Simply repaint your organisation chart with Transform in a Can.

Let it dry, pin it on the noticeboard, hide it on the intranet, and your restructure is complete. Tell everybody what their new jobs are and watch the transformation unfold like magic.

Instant Agility Switch

Fresh from the Teal Unicorn’s Instant Agility product labs comes our latest product: the Instant Agility Switch.

Continuing our tradition of fine agility engineering, the product of extensive research and development, we present you with the all new Instant Agility Switch.

Simply install it and turn it on* to instantly transform your organisation into an agile one.

Set a day, let everybody know, invite the analysts and media, and throw the switch!

How do you become an agile organisation? By announcing you are!

Nothing is easier than the Instant Agility Switch.

Buy now at the special introductory price of US$80,000.

Available from most large consulting firms.

* users should refer to the safety instructions before operating the switch

Remote Virtual WFH Barbeque Event

You will share the whole* experience of delicious New Zealand manuka-smoked barbeque in state of the art Weber equipment.  Self-isolating?  Working from home?  No problem, now you can have all* the pleasure of a barbeque without leaving your spare room, because we all know virtual remote experience is JUST AS GOOD AS BEING THERE.

Perfect for your next team-building event or corporate function.

Book now for the next Instant Agility Remote Virtual WFH Barbeque, only $2400 for an annual subscription, corporate discounts available.

Virtual: as good as* the real thing.

*except the taste, smell, mouth feel, nourishment, and sense of fullness