How to share your certificate

Print it

This certificate is formatted as A4 Landscape so you can print the first page.

If you want the certificate in PDF format, use the “Print as PDF” option on your PC if you have it.

Share a link to it online

If you would like people to be able to confirm this certificate on our website, you can log on to to enable sharing for the certificate. See the main menu at the top for “Login”. You will be sent your username and temporary password by separate email. After you log in, go to to see all your certificates.

Click on the certificate. Click the button at the bottom to “Enable Sharing”. We need you to do this yourself for privacy reasons. Then you can copy the URL of that certificate from your browser and use that to show your certificate to others.

When viewing your certificate, the “Save” button saves as HTML (no we don’t know why). Use the “Print” button to print as PDF.

Add it to your LinkedIn profile

In your LinkedIn profile, (as of June 2023) there is a section entitled “Licenses & certifications” (you may need to add it to your profile). Click on the “+” to add a new one.

  • Name: copy the red certificate name
  • Issuing organization: The Open Management Academy
  • Expiration date: none, we do not expire our certifications.
  • Credential ID: copy the number below the OMA logo on your certificate: {certificate_id}:{sequential_id}
  • Credential URL: use the URL of your certificate.

Add a badge to your email signature

…. or anywhere you want to brag! Either :

  • Copy the following image and use that URL link for your certificate to link to it.
  • Or copy and paste the HTML code below.