The Doily Studio is a game about Product Management: how to develop a successful product. It is for product owners, managers, designers, makers, and marketers, to understand better how to develop a product to meet customer requirements.

The game is 3 to 4 hours long, for 10 or more players.

The Doily Studio logo is created by the talented designers at Amber Academy Vietnam

It is a shame that there is not greater awareness of the power of “serious play” simulation workshops as learning tools. These take trainees to higher levels of learning than pedagogical classrooms. By immersing and doing, they get insights and breakthroughs that don’t happen by listening to lectures and learning theory.

At Teal Unicorn, We are building a diverse suite of games so we can meet customer needs for a custom learning and awareness programme, which is the first step in the advance to better ways of working. We frequently see the “lights go on” for individuals, or new levels of energy and inspiration for those who already got it intellectually.  

The Doily Studio is one of our own games, created and delivered by Teal Unicorn.   Come play with us. You will learn:

  • the value of simulation games
  • insights into product development
  • the importance of customer information

Players form product teams to make paper shapes, to sell to a fickle “customer” with vague and changing tastes, while trying to uncover a breakthrough design that unlocks high prices. It is fast, funny, and creative.