Welcome to the  Experiment Programme.


Here's how it works.

  1. You become a member. You got this far.
  2. Contact us to talk about what you want to do to start experimenting with New Ways.
  3. Try a small experiment.
  4. Talk to us some more.   We can provide:
    • support: advice and guidance
    • resources: presentation, spreadsheet, documents
    • presentations to your teams, online remote
    • coaching
    • shared results
    • community: the easiest way is to enable comments on this page. Reach out to each other. If we need something fancier we will do it later. (Or if you prefer, ask us for introductions).
  5. Optionally, start your own internal Experiment Programme.
  6. Start experimenting.  Tell us about each experiment, when you start, and again when you can draw some conclusions.  You can send us a document with notes and pics and/or we will do a Zoom interview. Then Teal Unicorn will write up an anonymous record with the learnings, which gets shared. We keep it easy for you.

There is no charge.  All we ask is that you are actively trying new ways of managing and working, and that you are willing to share your results with others, success or failure (anonymously).